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  1. Mini Me.

    Please Help Me What Have I Done To My Skin

    Aww thank you that means so much you don't understand I've been sending my self crazy I just don't understand what the raised scar tissue is next to the wound. I've made such a mess why do I do it to myself I don't get it? Thank you for your kind words so nice o you I reply
  2. Mini Me.

    Please Help Me What Have I Done To My Skin

    Please someone reply I feel so sick
  3. Basically I picked a clogged pore and it scabbed then when the scab fell off I needled it with a single needle. Scab came of again and for some reason I could feel a ball of scar tissue under the skin and stupidly I don't know what possessed me but I needled the scar tissue I could feel under the skin baring in mind the scab had only been off 2 days. Anyway it's scabbed again but there seems to be raised soft skin next to the scab what have I done? X
  4. I was researching scar treatments and found this. Let me know what you think? I might try it. But its £800 so let me know what you think Theres 8 reviews so far Obviously just for mild scaring http://www.philips.c...2B3.app120-drp1
  5. Mini Me.

    Lost Topic: Bacteriophages

    Found this its being researched at the moment looks really interesting Copied the link for you to read http://m.cbsnews.com/storysynopsis.rbml?&pageType=health&catid=57519811&feed_id=5&videofeed=41&nb_splitPage=0
  6. Mini Me.

    21 Day Green Smoothie Detox With Pics

    Wow you just made my day thank you! I mean I don't think I do nut thanks your the best!!!!! UPDATE Honestly my skin is so good! The thing that I think has boosted it though is on day one off the cleanse I started taking 3000mg of vitamin C a day 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon and one before bed combined with 3000mg of msm with each bit C a day! And lastly turmeric capsuals 5 throughout the day! Yes it's hard only eating smoothies but you know what it's worth it. I needed to get my body rea
  7. Mini Me.

    21 Day Green Smoothie Detox With Pics

    Hi guys the first day is the hardest but once you get to the second day it gets a lot easier. It's definiatly worth doing especially to kick start a healthy lifestyle!! Update on my green smoothie cleanse.... Day 4 on cleanse... Haven't had a single pimple in 4 days and my skin already Is becoming a lot more even toned. And has glow. Also my eyes are sparkling.... I have so much energy.. I'll update pics on a week of the smoothie cleanse.... X
  8. Mini Me.

    21 Day Green Smoothie Detox With Pics

  9. Mini Me.

    21 Day Green Smoothie Detox With Pics

    Yes of course ill post the recipes which i use. the apple fast, well the book is called acne free in 3 days and basically you only eat apples and drink water for 3 days. and do nightly enemas to empty your bowls. it cleared all my active acne and just left me with red marks. but i have no active acne left at all. if you look at my pics you well see my skin is smooth not bumpy but yeah jut left with acne marks. So I'm hoping the green smoothie detox will help fade them.
  10. Hi so I have been a member here for a few years. I have been on every antibiotic! accutane! Every possible cream! Had lasers spent thousands on peels you name there's nothing I haven't tried. Except diet. I have just ended a 3 day apple fast to prepare me for a 21 day green smoothie detox. I will eat nothing but green smoothies for 21 days. And shall post regular updates and photos. I want to do this to clear my red marks, acne and kick start my healthy eating! P.S the apple fast cleared activ
  11. Mini Me.

    Spiro Help After Accutane

    Omg exactly that! Can't look but can't bring myself to look away! I broke out 1 month after tane... And still breaking out now. But not in big cysts just like ally pores are congested and full of shit! Where abouts do you get your acne? Do you get a lot on your cheeks? How's your skin reacting to the tane? Aghhhh please someone reply about spiro and dry skin Thanks for the reply X
  12. Mini Me.

    Spiro Help After Accutane

    Bump pleaseeeeeeeee
  13. Mini Me.

    Spiro Help After Accutane

    Bump Bumpy bump
  14. Mini Me.

    Spiro Help After Accutane

    Thank you for your reply! It was the first thing I did when I woke up this morning check for replys. Except stand and star at my disgrace of a face. Ha! Keep going on the Tane it does get better. Make sure you keep your self hydrated and skin well moisturised. Don't hesitate to ask any questions Urgh I sure hope you can have non oily skin with hormonal acne. I hope someone replys and letsme know if spiro worked for them with a similar issue... Keep going on the Tane Best of luck
  15. Mini Me.

    Spiro Help After Accutane

    Urgh so I'm back 3 months after Tane and I'm breaking out in plugged pores all over my face except my forehead... I don't want to do Tane again as I hated it... My question is. An you still have hormonal acne even though I don't have oily skin? And it's Spiro only for cystic acne? Please someone help I'm really depressed feel like I went through 6months of hell for nothing Thanks guys X