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  1. Hey guys, Well I've been without BP 2.5% since last summer and it must be just about out of my system as I'm having a massive flair up. Shocker. I thought I'd be able to control it by using nice face creams and just being generally careful.. Obviously not! I'm just about to buy some of Dan's BP gel through Amazon but I want to know if anyone has been trying the hot cloth cleansers and also, if anyone has tried the REN skincare range. Specifically the moisturisers and masks. I guess watch
  2. I've been using Pan Oxyl 2.5% for over two years and love it. Obviously, it's stopped being made now and the only thing that's available in my chemist is Pan Oxyl 10%. A few people have mentioned using the 10% in small amounts with moisturiser might be OK. Do you combine the two? Or is it that you put moisturiser on first and then the gel, or the other way round? I'm not really considering Quinoderm Cream unless that would be a better alternative. Pan Oxyl took a long time for my skin to get
  3. After 7 months using BP 2.5% my skin is really starting to clear and I am doing EVERYTHING to avoid anymore breakouts. I heard about mineral make up (Bare essentials/bare minerals or something..) and not only was it reccommended for great coverage but because the minerals were actually good for your skin. However, looking over a few recent posts people are saying that the mineral make up is no good.. Can someone tell me what's wrong with mineral make up? Merci..
  4. Hey Ellie, You didn't metion if you wore make up but the 'bare essentials' mineral make up has an SPF in it (Maybe about 20!) I've been using pan oxyl 2.5% for about 8 months and been desperate to find a make up that's good for my skin and something with an SPF and seriously the mineral stuff is amazing. Bit pricey but totally worth it. (£48 for a starter pack but you get everything !!) You can go and get a demo at different beauty salons or somewhere like Debenhams (If you don't mind sitting
  5. Mental isn't it? Feeling like you have to stay in. I'm currently missing out on a boxing day walk.. You know why? Because there are really clear skies and snow, it's so bright it makes my skin look really angry. Because I hate the look on my friends faces when they see me because they forget how bad it looks in day light. Even though I love them for trying not to react there is no way you can miss it when their eyes flicker to the parts of your skin that are worse. I get angry because I'm bother
  6. Ok.. So is it safe to use BP (2.5%) and the light??? I'm using the Lumi. Just started. I've also just started using BP at night and considering using the light at a different time of the day.. If it's safe. BP is light sensitive, right? merkodn x
  7. After trying to research something I've been prescribed by my dr for my skin I've managed to find this amazing site. I can't believe I haven't looked for something like this before. I'm pretty determined to start with the BP stuff except at no point is there a mention of if it's ok to wear make-up. Suffering since I was a teen, I'm now 2 weeks before my 26th birthday and in the midst of a hellish 3 month breakout. I have a career and there's no way I can leave the house without make-up. I can't