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  1. To all the women out there, what is your experience with birth control and your skin. Two doctors have mentioned it but I was always apprehensive. Could you give me some feedback? Thanks.
  2. I started Septra almost 2 weeks ago exactly and I really don't think this is normal. My skin feels inflamed, it itches so much! Has anyone experienced this same thing? Any recommendations to ease the pain. Any advice is much appreciated, thank you.
  3. MY doc just put me on this pill Septra which is actually meant for bladder infections, does anyone have experience with it, some info please?
  4. Has anyone ever tried this "all natural" product? It seems somewhat shady to me. ClearDerma compares itself to Accutane, any thoughts?
  5. I have tried everything, my doc thought it was eczema but nope, just ingrown hairs, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I'm 19 and I'm on Spironolactone. What this medication is is actually a water pill. I wouldn't recommend it if you have severe acne. I was on accutane and I still had a few pimples after my treatment so the doctor put me on this and also gave me a topical. But if its moderate acne go for it, but you might have to go to the bathroom a lot more. It works okay for me nothing miraculous like accutane. I hope this helps, good luck.
  7. My dosage at first was 40/mg twice a day. Then for some reason my doctor upped the dosage my last year, thats what I attribute my increased headaches for, to 80/mg. Which now that I look at dosage charts was way too much for me when I am around 120 pds.
  8. Can someone recommend a good make-up remover for acne prone skin, also somewhat sensitive. Thanks
  9. I've stumbled onto this website and thought I should write about my experience with Accutane. I've never known anyone who was on Accutane as long as I was and I wanted to give everyone some feedback to those of you who are on the drug or are thinking about it. I started getting acne when I was in the 5th grade due to a Hyperthyroid problem that messes w/your hormones. I tried EVERYTHING there was, and I'm not kidding. Finally when I was 15 my pediatritian told me about this new drug called Accut