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  1. Day 21, and I have to say that even withing the first 3 days of taking roaccutane, there was a visible improvement in my face. The redness went down completely, and now I have an acne-free forehead, the acne on my cheeks has gone down as well. The only issue left is my scarring, and I've been getting letters from my dermatologist saying he wants me to have local anaesthetic so he can puncture the big scars of cysts or whatever and get rid of them..I'm a bit scared about that, as soon as I saw 'l
  2. So, day one on roaccutane. Today I woke up, and I was like 'yeahh, this is gonna be a new beginning'. Hell, I was even thinking of bringing in cake for my friends at school, I was all like lets have a roaccutane party to mark the beginning of the Journey to Clear Skin. Hey, it's a big deal. Anyways, I woke up with about five minutes before the bus left and any hope of cake went out the window. Still, I swallowed the capsule with some peanut butter and left feeling all optimistic. I th
  3. Hey Everybody, I figured I'd write this blog just to share my experience of my fight against acne. This is for anyone who's ever looked around at their clear-skinned friends and have had their confidence levels plunge. It can be a lonely experience, fighting acne, so I thought I'd write this just to help anyone out there going through the same thing. And don't worry, I'll try to keep it vaguely amusing. So, a bit of background..I've had acne for 5 years now, and I must have literall