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    I have one word to say...<br /><br />SPIRONOLACTONE!!<br /><br />I thank God for this product!!!!!

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  1. Holl

    First week was amazing...no oil and acne started to disappear. After my skin cleared up - IT GOT WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE! I started using Differin Gel after telling my doctor - at 42, I am still breaking out! She prescribed Differin Gel. I started to use it at the beginning of Jan 2011. My first week was wonderful. I noticed immediate results! Skin wasn't as oily, and my problem areas seem to shrink and started to flake away. Then I got into the 3rd week with this product. I started t
  2. Just heard about a drug called Flutamide that has been used to try and cure hormonal acne problems in women. Just wondering if anyone here has gone on it... and what reviews you can give the drug. How did it work? would you recommend it? any side effects? have you previously been on Spironolactone ? Just wondering what this one is all about tia!
  3. Call the pharmacist!!! There is a reason that they put the refrigerate label on there. If there wasn't....then they wouldn't have it on the package. You wouldn't drink expired milk that hasn't been refrigerated... There are labels and dates on things for a reason... same goes for medication
  4. or you should try spiro (if you're female). There's a spiro thread on this board for more info. Good luck! ←
  5. Have you tried Spironolactone? I was thinking I might do the Accutane route... but a Derm suggested to try spiro 1st... it has cleared my skin almost 98%! and it cost less!
  6. HI... I am going to add my two cents...even though I have never been on accutane... BUT My husband has always had a thin / thinning / clint eastwood type hairline. He literally used to get his hair cut once...maybe twice a year. I bought him the Redken VIVAGEN shampoo "Active Calcium Chelators Enrichment Shampoo for Thinning Hair" here's a link so you know what your looking for...but I know a lot of salon's carry it http://www.hairproducts.com/view_product_SHA-RED104.htm It's geared towar