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  1. Thank you No I have had nothing done except the filler. I have started with Retin A on my nose though about a week ago because blackheads were starting to return, it has sorted them out already though.
  2. LOL R is Rand, (South African currency)...In Aus money it works out to $406 according to the online currency converter
  3. Hi Buddy, it cost me R2800, which is about £250. That included the free consultation, and a follow up consultation, so the whole thing was £250.
  4. Thanks so much Dudley! I will check it out
  5. Thanks so much for the lovely comments everyone Sassy74, I'm hoping to see my doc again on Monday. I sent some pics to the clinic today to show the scars that have been missed, so I will see what they say about it. There are bumps and indents still but as with all scarring it depends on the lighting. It certainly looks better than it did though, and although in the wrong light the bumps look like a breakout, well I'd still rather that than what I had before. It's been a really rough year and
  6. Ive heard so many good things about copper peptides, and I know there are mny anti aging creams etc which cnotain them, but I was wondering which is the best copper peptide cream/ serum for scarring? I've tried searching but not many people seem to say which brand they use. I live in South Africa so it helps me to know which product to exactly search for, because the nearest town to me is 3hrs away Thanks in advance! I hope to use them in conjunction with home derma rolling Also I'd love to
  7. I would only advise taking this drug is your acne is ALREADY scarring badly. Because Accutane DOES cause scars. Fact. I suffered with acne from the age 12-26, starting mild/ moderate, turning to cystic when I hit 20. I tried everything under the sun but would still get painful cysts. In July 2009 my derm put me on Accutane. I weigh 50kg and was on 25mg per day for the first month, then 50mg per day for 4 months. I experienced the worst acne of my life, I barely left the house for months becaus
  8. When I went in for my fillers a few weeks ago the doctor said she would like to put me on a 5 step treatment plan. Part of which was Carboxytherapy. I wondered if anyone here has had this treatment and what their experiences were? I had never heard of it before my consultation, and here is what is said about it on my doctors site: Carbon Dioxide Therapy or Carboxytherapy, the miracle gas, has been touted as the biggest beauty breakthrough since Botox, and is now available in South Africa at Sk
  9. Hi everyone. Well its been 2 weeks now so I wanted to share some pics taken with make up. A couple of the scars have shown back through, I guess due to the last of the swelling going, but I'd say Im looking at 60-70% improvement from one syringe. If I took the bumps into account I guess I'd say it would be more like 30% as the texture stull looks bad because of the bumps I guess. But that doesn bother me, I prefer bumps to craters, I'd say all in all I've gotten 60% improvement without makeup,
  10. .April.

    *Affordable and instant results. $300 for a 1ml syringe. *No dangers as with lasers. *Promotes collagen production. *Works great on rolling scars/ indents. *Surgiderm lasts up to 2yrs, much longer than Restylne, and comes in different consistancies to suit different needs. *Can leave bumps on your skin that can last a few months *Expect swelling/ bruising for a week for severe scarring. *Can require a second treatment as swelling during the droceedure can lead to fa
  11. do you think that it is a permanent side effect? I hope not but I think its certainly a long term one. My derm said for me to not have laser anytime soon because it takes skin so long to recover sometimes.
  12. I agree! And I suppose its similar for weight loss. when someone says, nah you aren't fat at all, there's nothing wrong with you...then the person loses weight and all they hear is wow you look so much better :P Still, how rubbish would life be if everyone just pointed out our imperfections. Someone with THAT trait IS ugly, and no laser or diet will fix that. The only people worth knowing are the ones who see you for you, support you, but don't judge you. It's only by surrounding myself with p
  13. Thanks Jackiey I highly recommend it. Particularly as its fine to dermaroll etc afterwards. Usually dermarolling after filler will just break down the filler quicker, but this stuff is pretty tough and is injected deeper, so home dermarolling can be done without much compromise on the filler. The different types of Surgiderm and designed to be injected into different levels of the dermis depending on what they are being used to treat. Also £250 for a 1ml syringe is pretty good, It did nearl
  14. Thanks again everyone, it means so much coming from people who KNOW how it feels to live with these scars. Dont get me wrong, my boyfriend is wonderfu, but he has always just said I look fine etc etc, I think only people who hvae suffered themselves can truly understand how it feels to have these scars. My derm summed it up well. She said the problem is,when other people look at us, its just a thing they may notice, but when I look in the mirror, its all I see. My skin still looks pretty terrib