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  1. Generally I didn't really moisturise too often at night unless it was absolutely necessary because I'd just got a new girlfriend and I didn't want my pillows to get all gunky, ha. And if so, yeah I'd use a little bit of the Olay, despite the SPF, and sometimes with a drop of jojoba oil in. Figured it was easier than trying to find something else my skin liked! Saying that, there were times where I knew I'd wash my bedclothes the next day where I'd relish the chance to go to bed slathered in
  2. When I was on accutane I, like most, had an incredibly dry face. I never really considered not using a moisturiser, I could barely speak if I got out of the shower and didn't moisturise! I tried a few and found the best (least irritating to my skin and least oily) to be Olay Complete Care Day Fluid, the one for Normal/oily skin (as opposed to the one for sensitive skin). This has the added bonus of having spf15 in it also. Prior to taking accutane I had fairly oily skin, that was 5 years
  3. Just an update (and a very late one at that). Something like 8 months since I finished my course, I'm still alive, I'm still spot-free, my skin is smooth as a baby's bottom. The scarring is going, slowly but surely. For me, this drug has absolutely changed my life for the better. Anyone that is going on to Accutane, I wish you all the best! And I know I can't promise anything, but I hope that it will be worth it. Of all the potentially 'life-changing' decisions I've made by the ten
  4. So here it is, the end of my Accutane course and this should be a short recount of what happened to me and what I recommend to keep yourselfs sane if you do choose to go on it! First of all: I highly recommend this drug, I know that's easy for me to say as I have had no lasting side effects (to my knowledge), however my parents insisted I would be fine, my Dad being a GP has never had anyone come back to him with lasting problems from Accutane, and he has prescribed it plenty of times... With
  5. well in terms of the lumps, they're gone after a nights sleep and i just have a bit of a sore throat, so maybe just something seasonal as for the splitting the dosage, im taking 70mg a day (which seems high I guess but gives me the correct cumulative dosage at the end of 4 months for my weight). Which is 3x20mg tablets and 2x5mg. So i could split it out during the day, and the instructions in the box said i could do either but it would make no difference. I don't tend to eat breakfast (terr
  6. thanks for the reply! Another thing, this may just be chance, but you know the small lumps you have on the back of your tongue that you can see if you stick it out realll far. Mine seem to have got like, harder/bigger, theyre kind of itching my throat. Weird =/
  7. okay a few questions i have as i'm starting accutane today (scared, nervous apprehensive and excited!! ohhhh). 1) Moisturising: I have a UV moisturiser for day, and a normal moisturiser for night. Should i really slap it on at night to prevent any dryness or just enough to be comfortable. 2) Jojoba oil: I used to use this when on the regimen when my face was feeling shit, only every so often and it helped. Can i use it still? 3) What time should i take it? I know its better with food so even
  8. Hmmm. Well she said it was based on being 1mg per kilogram of weight, with my weight being around 75kg when clothed etc. Still, it got me a little concerned. edit: that said, using http://acnediaries.com/accutane-cumulative-dose-calculator/ if i weigh 75 kg, and am aiming for 120mg/kg body weight (something of a standard to aim for), at 70mg a day that is 128 days, which is pretty much on the dot of the 4 month course she said i'd go on. and considering i probably weigh a smidge less due to
  9. So I went to the derm today and am getting put on roaccutane and just have a couple of quick questions (i'll probably go into more depth when i start my actual course and probably start a log of sorts, but i need to find out my next scheduled appointment before i am allowed to start taking it). - i've been told to stop using topicals on my face for the couple of weeks in the meantime (which is disappointing as i just ordered 2 8oz tubes of dans BP to the UK ) Is it essential that i dont use a
  10. I have the same problem. Jojoba doesn't seem to help with it, but it will almost definitely help with dryness during the day. Weirdly the front of my neck where I put moisturiser (often gets dry after shaving) is also slightly tanned looking, but I never put BP here, unless its just spreading a little there when I put the moisuriser on. In a way its good because I don't have a drastically paler neck than my face. But instead there's a line around the lower part of my neck =[. Fortunately so
  11. been on the regimen about a month and a half and my face looks kinda tanned. But i've only been using Dans BP... Cetaphil moisturiser so not really the same as the original poster. I assume its because my face is more sensitive to the sun and i haven't been using SPF, but sometimes its really noticeable (like my sister going 'chris have you got fake tan on') and other times it just looks like, slightly tanned i guess. Oddly enough the faint tan line i have is down on my neck, well below
  12. In the same boat as you mate, i dislike putting stuff on my face in the mornings really, especially if im at college all day. I moisturise at night using Cetaphil Moisturising cream and jojoba oil(for me the jojoba oil at night really makes a massive difference, like HUGE in terms of moisturisation and my cheels wont go red/feel sore at all), and usually can get away with just a little bit of moisturiser in the morning and sometimes a drop or 2 of jojoba to keep me good for most of the day witho
  13. i find creams harder to apply than lotions, they just don't seem to spread as well and the BP balls up a bit. no experience with cerave however, only cetaphil.
  14. rubiks cube that's novel ha keep focused though glad to hear the BP is working for you.
  15. Firstly, very sorry to hear about the miscarriage But, I'm glad the Finacea is working for you! A friend of mine used it a while after her own accutane treatment and she's completely clear now. And Clindamycin worked well for myself a couple years back too! I'm currently struggling with tight and flaky skin, even moisturising several times a day doesn't seem to stop it flaking at any opportunity... not necessarily too badly but if i change my Tshirt, or sometimes my girlfriend might rub my c