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  1. yes, but they should have a open forum on the site so everybody can update on their own progress. i too, dont really like his tone of voice neither, but i do believe that fatty acid is the key to balancing hormone after years of trial and error since i remember having totally clear skin on natures made fish oil for a good 3/4 months, but after i finished that bottle, every other brands i tried were total disaster, just making the situation worst, inflamed cystic acne. so far, iv been doing LEO's
  2. has anyone tried the clear skin coach 3part method of using both flaxseed oil and primrose oil to clear up acne?
  3. top rated fish oil brand that ppl suggest: nordic, carlsons, market america fish oil (pricey), usana, health from the sun, natures made
  4. true...trial and error. u must test it out to really know if the fish oil really works for you because one fish might work on one but might be allergic to another. the bottom line is, fish oil should make your face less oily. so if you wake up in the morning and find your face oilier than usual and see cystic acne continue to form. that means you should stop this fish oil completely. but than again, there might be "initial breakout" kinda phenomena. just give yourself two weeks to try one produc
  5. i've been trying to figure this one out for the longest time. i've tried all kinds of fish oil, i must say some did wonders for my skin whereas the other broke me out horribly. deep cystic acne that wud take longer to heal. you take it and might experience initial break out, but if this breakout last more than two weeks and if realize that more cystic acne starts to form, its better to stop completely. another thing is, if you find your face oilier in the morning, and your face seems to be clogg
  6. guys, pls make sure you buy the right kind of fish oil. if you buy the wrong kind, it will have negative effect on your acne. i've recently found another good brand, that is market america's fish oil, it contains omega 3 and vitamin E. vit E helps protect omega 3. been taking it for a week now, and i can already tell a difference it terms of my sebum production. def not as oily as before. p.s. check out this site www.clearskincoach.com this guy leo really put the whole acne problem into persp
  7. Just wanto share my story on Fraxel treatment. I've had this treatment done befre but it's nothing close to this treatment I had last week. They put numbing cream on my face for an hour before they perform the treatment and it hurts like he'll. Much more than the treatment I had before. I wonder if it's even the same Fraxel I had in the pass. Maybe this one is repair, and the one I had in the pass is only restore. I'm not sure. First couple of days my face was bronze and peeling. The 4, 5th day
  8. i really want to know the reason why some fish oil break you out and some dont. i've tried different brands of fish oil in the past. some help prevent cystic acne where others break me out horribly. is it the type of fish its made from or the mucery? does any one have similar experience and know the reason behind this? i wish these fish oil companys figure this out so we acne sufferer can save money trying different brand, and testing it we our own body.
  9. I've recently bought some more fish oil from nature's made. however this one is different again from the previous two that i bought from nature's made. it says it contains EPA&DHA with other omega3? how many other omega3's r there? thought EPA&DHA are already omega3. anyway, iv started taking it for couple days already notice new upcoming cysts which freaked me out cuz i was completely clear. like always, i would go online do more research. this is what i found out from another user with
  10. sorry, i have no idea because i've never tried nature's bounty before, so i wudnt kno my reaction to their fish oil. But you've been taking this fish oil for almost two weeks now? i think thats enough time to tell if this fish oil is working or not. a cyst or nodule should last for a week or two. if it persist for more than two weeks and you see new upcoming cysts and your overall complexion is not improving(in fact, getting worst), than you should just stop taking this brand immediately. i thin
  11. well i hope you get into the clear zone and if your not, hang in there. iv recently switch from liquid capsule to high concentration fish oil. i suspect that liquid capsule is diluted w water so you might need to take more in order to get the same effect. theres this research saying that high grade fish oil is suppose to dissolve syrofoam? so i did the test and the high concentration dissolve the syrofoam within 5 mins and liquid capsule didnt do a thing to the syrofoam. however these two types
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oL896aZiag ck this out
  13. okay. i've been researching on how to determine the quality and concentration of fish oil since i realize that some fish oil causes me to breakout and some clear up my skin. I've read online that good fish oil should be able to melt through Styrofoam? since styrofoam is made up with similar composition as to cholesterol and that means the fish oil capsule should clean and clear up these build up toxins in your arteries. There are also other articles that mentioned that if fish oil can melt thr
  14. same here. 1200mg. i take 1 in the morning and 1 before bedtime. however, the one im taking now is liquid softgel. for some reason they dont have the regular ones they used to have at duane reade. this pill i have now is misty looking capsule, not those clear, see through capsule like before. i believe its not as concentrated as before since the cover now says "liquid" form for easier absorption. but at least its not breaking me out like other brands of fish oil. hows it working for you so far?
  15. I've read many posts regarding how fish oil cured and causes cystic acne for different people. From my personal experience, I must say fish oil is what cured my cystic acne. My face is completely clear now with occasional zits that comes and go within a day. But never cystic acne. I've tried different brands of fish oil, some broke me out and some keeps me clear. I must say that "NATURE'S MADE" fish oil is what worked for me. For all you people with cystic acne, or people who had bad experience