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  1. Back when I was in High School (5 years ago), I had perfect skin, some of my friends would always go "I hate you, how come your skin is so nice? You don't even have a single blemish!" During all those high school years, not once did I ever notice that anyone had acne. In fact, I dated a couple girls that had mild acne, but of course I only noticed they had acne because they kept complaining about it. On the flip side of things, ever since I've graduated high school i've been fighting acne whi
  2. First of all, I think you need to chill out bro. Secondly, I second what JoeTheBlow has said about guys not wearing makeup unless they're fruity. I've got some pretty nasty scars on my face, but I just try to suck it up like a man and let them be. In all honesty, if you're gonna go so far as to wear makeup to cover skin flaws, you might as well save your cash for one of those scar treatment operations, at least thats my opinion on things.
  3. If you can count how many are on your face thats hardly anything, especially 3 or 4 which leads me to think its definitely not your acne. It sounds to me that she's moved on already (clues being her dating other guys) and you're still far too attached to her. And where are you getting this idea that you have a chance with her sometimes? If I were you I'd be on the hunt for new hotties, I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but you're in high school, its so easy to meet new girls.
  4. Why do you think she isn't all over your nuts anymore cuz of your acne? Was your face clear back when you guys were goin out, and now its not?
  5. I've been washing my face by ONLY rinsing with water for a couple months now, and I've gotten maybe 2 dinky pimples since then. Previous to this I would get a couple huge pimples (which lead to scarring) every week, now I'm practically clear as day. One other important thing to note about this "regimen" is that you very rarely touch your face, so even when pimples come out they heal faster due to far less irritation.
  6. For those of you who haven't tried this yet, I'm already on my 3rd week of washing my face using ONLY water and then applying ACV afterwards. I used to get 2 HUGE painful pimples a week, now I'm down to one dinky one. The oil is also being regulated by the ACV so I don't feel all sticky n shiet throughout the day.
  7. I don't think AlexAlmighty is getting the credit he deserves. I mean, he put his face on the line and used it as an EXPERIMENT for our sake! While I didn't take his entire experiment for face value, I definitely have adapted some of his theories into my own regimen. I've tried a variant of this for about a week now, and automatically my face feels nicer, has far less oil than before, and the acne heals faster. Variant meaning that I don't use face washes anymore, just rinse my face in the sh
  8. Langdoi737

    My Acne Journal

    Pictures of wholesome acne goodness mmm...
  9. This is my personal opinion, but it seems to me that the vast majority of you are "afraid" to chase after the good-looking people because you think they'll just go "ewww..." and walk away. This may sound strange, but a girl I knew (she was really hot) once said, "theres this pretty cute guy, but he's got lotsa pimples." Thats not to say that because he had lotsa pimples she was turned off, she just also noticed he had bad acne, she would have easily gone after him if he knew. I can honestly s
  10. What Maya says is true, and I know many of you say that people don't even bother to look at you because of your scars. Like all of you I feel that way often times as well, but I don't let it get to me. You can't just expect for the "hot guy/girl" to come up to you and start flirting all the time. Use the confidence in you and do some of the chasing yourself. I've met many girls in my time that would chase after me, and at first I didn't find them attractive, but over time my thoughts about t
  11. Like most of you, I have and still am suffering from acne and its scars (I'm allergic to BP and so I just use aloe vera to soothe my pimples=P). I remember those days when girls used to tell me they thought I was cute and when my friends would be jealous of my clear face. Now whenever I look into the mirror I just see myself as some ugly guy in hopes that eventually my scars will fade. However, even though I have acne scars I have still been able to date pretty girls. I even pointed it out t
  12. I agree that exercise definitely makes you feel better overall. Although I can't really say it helps to prevent acne, just like everyone else said, I think that exercise helps relieve stress as well as provide you with health benefits. What I really think helps to reduce acne is getting adequate amount of sleep. At least enough sleep so that you're not tired/beat throughout the day. I noticed when I don't get enough sleep from waking up for early classes or whatever that I tend to get breakout
  13. sweet, thanks maniac, makes me feel much better now that I know it'll just dry up and heal.
  14. I got a pimple that has since turned almost entirely white with pus(I think?). I haven't touched it at all aside from cleansing it gently in the shower and putting some 2.5% BP on it. Is it a cyst? or if I leave it alone for a few more days it'll be cool?