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  1. nice reply Chikorita. i tot mirrors and cameras are just opposites of each other... ??
  2. i'm no expert, but maybe you're overanalyzing his words. it could be that he was just trying to be friendly and talk to you. instead of ignoring you and not say a word when he sees you. and since you mentioned both of you don't talk much, i think he mentioning that was because he cannot think of anything else to say. i dono. anyway, i agree with above that at least show the same interest he shows you. like if i keep initiating, and she accepts and we have a decent time. and it just goes li
  3. if the antibiotics are helping, then i think you should stick with it. i think you should give it at least a month to judge the effects. regarding the accutane. mine is pretty low dose. am still on it now. usually derms will prescribe at least 8X more than what im currently taking. so the only side effects i'm sure is from accutane is dry lips. i'm not sure if your doc practices such low dose though.
  4. please don't ask him about the request. it'll be ackward if you do. besides if he accidentally clicked reject, it's only polite to request you back. at least i will.
  5. just my opinion, if it's getting worst week after week with your current regime, then you should definitely go to the docs. if it's getting better, then stick with BP. if you have not tried antibiotics before, i'm sure they will be effective for your case.
  6. i remember reading a journal paper somewhere comparing a group using topicals with accutane with a group using accutane alone. if i'm not wrong, there was no significant differences between the groups.
  7. i'm tryign to be honest here, and i'm not trying to make you feel better or anything. to me you look the same in pic 1 and 2. the only difference i see is you look more tired and younger in 1. in 2 you look older and more energetic. pic 3 u look even younger and i think its cos of the hair. thats all i see. and no way do i classify u as ugly.
  8. based on the pic, i agree accutane would be too much for you. at most maybe a very low dose accutane like 10mg 3 times a week if your derm practices that. if not i'm pretty sure 99% will recommend you topicals. but your acne is mild imo. you look better than you think, don't worry about it.
  9. i agree that for it to be gone overnight, a concealer is the best bet. actually as long as the lesion is not raised and not scabby and you get a concealer of the right shade, and you only use it on spots and not the whole face, no one can tell if you're using makeup or not.
  10. if it's near the end of your eyelid where your lashes are, i agree it's probably a sty. we have a saying from where i'm from that if you get that it's cos you peeped at you know what.
  11. i can't answer the tetra qs cos i'm not on it. but regarding the cysts, i had those bunching kind, so much so they kinda merged into like a canal under my skin probably 3cm long on my cheek. hurt like hell especially when i open my mouth. was on oral antibiotics, a short course of prednisone and low dose accutane (10mg alt day). for me it took 1.5 months before they didn't hurt anymore. 2 months in and everything flattened, just a little raised; can only be seen at a steep angle. but the red
  12. i agree with the touching part. it is very impt imo. a simple tap on the elbow after saying goodbye is good enough for me. as long as he doesn't see you touchy feely with other guys too, im sure he'll get the message. esp when he knows you as not a very touchy person for a year + now issit. another thing you can initiate is if he is on the slimmer side, just say you went to the gym the other day and you think you can beat him in arm wrestling. challenge him and i'm sure he'll agree.
  13. well, you have to understand that the scars are caused by pimples and the only way to prevent new scars is to prevent new pimples. if the Clean & Clear spot treatment is working in preventing new pimples from forming then that's good! but if you're still getting new pimples like few times a week then maybe you should seek a different treatment. the reason why most ppl advice you to deal with the active lesions before the scars is because things like honey masks, lemon juice, exfoliation,
  14. i agree that you should deal with the active lesions first before thinking about the scars and discolouration. antibiotics should be effective for your case too imo. either way, a doctor can help.