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  1. Hey guys, I used to have severe acne on my back/shoulders and on chest ( thank god not a ton on my face) throughout my teens, I'm currently 19. I started to change my diet and started excersizing more often and my acne seemed to go from severe to light acne on my body. But I've worked so hard to try to make my skin clearer and yet I'm faced with another skin problem. There are little white bumps all over my skin... I don't exaggerate when I say hundreds they are all slightly raised and some a l
  2. Hey guys! So around 6 months ago I had mild-severe acne on my body. Thankfully my acne on my face isn't too bad as long as i'm not touching my face or eating greasy. Now 4 months ago I decided to cut out 99% of the dairy I ate from my diet. ( I used to consume around 4 gallons of milk...a week.) And I guess I found the main contributer to my acne as I went from mildish/severe body acne (Not even wanting to take off a shirt, even though I'm fit) to only having light acne on my upperarm/shoulder