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  1. I feel like last couple of years I have tried everything. Antibiotics. BP Cream. Numerous body washes. Head and shoulders etc. Now I am left wondering what actually might work? I suffer from big red spots all over my back and shoulders and chest. Any help would be great.
  2. Any idea on how to remove or fade these marks/spots? Thanks x
  3. I battled acne on my face for a few years but i now have my skin under control however acne has now hit all over my back ! They are small and large red lumps across my back with the larger red lumps being on my shoulders. I have been taking tetraysal for the last 8 weeks with no affect what so ever. I used these antibiotics when i had face acne. Thing is i dont know what to do, i eat healthy with a balanced fresh diet and drink loads of water. I have tried other treatments such as head and s
  4. Used BP when I was younger. Diets pretty good. Only eat fresh food. Plenty fruit and vedge. Dont each much junk food, sugary drinks etc. Any home remedies I should try? Main problem is red spots/ marks thatbwont go away
  5. Last couple of month I have been breaking out on my back. Particularly shoulders and top of back. The spots are really red and many of them seem to just stay there. I have gone back onto antibiotics with no real results. Any suggestions on how to get clear and reduce the redness/scars
  6. Can anyone recommend good body wash for back acne that i can use to exfoliate with etc, one thats available to buy in the UK. Thanks x
  7. May have a look into that, is there no soaps or creams for mld to moderate back acne ?
  8. I have spots on my shoulders and top of my back, and some on very top of my chest. It isnt cystic or anything they are just usually big red lumps, they dont really have a head either. I did try the head and shoulders treatment but they didnt working. I am 21 now but it seems to have come back worse and been like this for a couple of months. Any help or advice would be great thanks x
  9. I have suffered from acne since i was 17. I got it really thick on my jawlines which was treated well with bp and antibiotics. After finishing these i was free for abit but the acne came back in similar areas also having large spots break out in other areas. I was prescribed tetrycycline and have been taking this for around 20 month but as of this week i am stoping. It did work for a while but doesnt work anymore. My acne is usually red spots on my jawline. They never have a head just a red l
  10. Hi i have been taking tetralcyline 300 for around 18 months, yes that long. Although my skin is better than it was i still get breakouts, which are always on my jaw line or just above. Now the thing is i have realy sensitive skin and the regimen and ther creams and treatments actually make my skin worse. Now my question is what treatment can i actually use that will stop the break outs that i get and given me clear skin as i am now 21 and want this to stop this soon. Any recommendations ?
  11. I have been giving a course of antibiotics by the doctor which i started yesterday. I am just wondering would you continue with the regimen or stop ? cheers
  12. All i want is some help here, truthfully there must be some people who tried the regimen for a long time and it didnt work. Nearly 3 months in and i am sick to death, all the effort and i see no improvements Can anyway who was in a similar position and found other treatment reply to this thread, i realy need something to work thanks
  13. I think i break out more at my own house rather than the house i live at in uni. the few mornngs i wake up at home my skin seems alot worse and breaks out. Am i just thinking this or have other people experienced this ?
  14. Soon to be going into my 11th week i have broke out badly. I was wondering how long it was before people found that there skin had cleared and they stopped breaking out ? Any help would be great cheers