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  1. Thank you both so much for your advice! I had been thinking about fillers... I don't know much about subcision or microneedling - I will do some further research. I'm in the UK so I don't know if that makes I difference to costs/ what's on offer. I have heard about fraxel, like you said, I heard some bad reviews - I think I would save it as a last resort! I won't rule things out completely - roaccutane was also a last resort, but I ended up needing it!
  2. Can anyone recommend me something for my scars? I finished accutane about 15 months ago, I have waited for most of the hyper pigmentation to go before making any decisions... But it looks quite hopeless that these scars are going anywhere.
  3. I rub coconut oil (the white butter consistency version) in to my scalp and roots before each time I wash. I leave it on as long as I have time for. Really makes my hair shine and it's soft again. My hair was terrible the first month of accutane.
  4. N.clare

    26 Years Old With Acne

    Hey Sasch! Good to hear from you I hope the regimen is working for you, I found it helped in the first 3-4 weeks and then it seemed to stop working on killing new acne and also slowed the healing process of the old/current. I kept it going for just over a tubes worth of BP. Sounds like everyone has such different experiences though, and like the person in the comment above mentioned, its always best to give treatments a good length of time. Im still breaking out, but the difference is i
  5. N.clare

    26 Years Old With Acne

    Thanks for your comment. However I haven't given up on treatments too quickly at all, I have had acne for 10 years and I've tried all the antibiotics and topicals available to me, tried and tested for the given time and other than making my acne more inflamed there has been little to no improvement. More than that, I don't believe on using harsh treatments for life. Like I said in my post above, I am seeing better improvements since I've stopped treating the acne, and now I only use cleanser whe
  6. I have had acne now, on and off, for 10 years. When its on its been fairly severe, when its off I still have acne mildly. I have always understood my genes were to blame as both my parents had some acne when they were young and my older sister had some. The difference was I still have my acne, and my sister knows full well her acne is down to triggers such as alcohol etc... Hers is not as severe as mine and clears up quickly when she has a detox and relaxes. Mine doesnt. I have thought this is
  7. N.clare


    My Epiduo experience
  8. Jake, you should hold out a little longer with epiduo. Ive been using it since December last year and my skin has improved so so much. It does have waves... itll get better then worse then better etc... but each time it gets worse its not as bad as the last time and eventually it stops. Retinoids are not quick fixes but they change your skin over time.
  9. I am applying Epiduo (a type of retinoid mixed with BP) at night... which has helped clear my skin. I have used Retin A in the past and we didnt get on! The scars have appeared in the last couple of months so they are very new and are still changing shape. I dont have a dermatologist because the NHS are pretty slow at getting specialised treatment... I went a few years ago and it took 3 months for a 5 minute meeting. My doctor is pretty good at listening to what i want though - as i have had a
  10. I think with all that in mind I am going to wait until my hyperpigmentation marks have cleared up. On my left cheek its virtually only red marks with 2 big scars - its not very clear in the picture. My right side is really what upsets me, because there are so many little scars on one area - that photo is the worst lighting i could find so you can see them pretty clearly. But again there are still red marks so maybe they will look better given a little more time. I read a lot of reviews of re:pai
  11. Thanks so much for both of your advise Lasers sound quite extreme... But I guess scars are not easy to heal. Im in the UK so not sure we have all the same treatments. Ill look into them though and report back.
  12. My scarring is pretty new... as my acne cleared about 4 months ago they have gradually appeared pretty much all boxscars and some ice pick. Ive no idea about treatments, and most of the things i read sound quite scary and maybe not very effective??
  13. Hey Sasch, thanks! I still get little breakouts around my period and when I dont look after myself (like too much partying, not enough sleep and not eating well... lol) but i think thats pretty normal. Id say I noticed a dramatic difference around 4 months in to my treatment of epiduo... but the inflamed cystic acne I had before was dying down well before this. I think the Retin A actually caused that so it started to clear quickly after stopping ret a. The last 2 months I have seen my hyperpi
  14. Hey! sorry Ive not posted in AGES. Thats because im doing pretty good! My regime is still as before... I use just water to freshen up in the morning, then moisturise with a light natural day cream SPF30. In the evening I remove my makeup with a cream cleanser and then apply the epiduo - Just 2 small blobs cover my face. So Ive made really good progress! I think im at about 6 months... my skin is still clearing up more every day. The scars have lightened considerably and are still improving
  15. Hey! Not sure if anyone would be reading this anymore but I thought i should update. Im not sure how long ive been on Epiduo now... I think its been about 16 weeks / nearly 4 months. I have had a few little set backs in the last month... but they have been very minor. I am mostly clear... i still have little bumps that have been there forever and have been unaffected by everything ive tried. So I am pretty happy with the progress. The scars are showing themselves as my red marks fade though.