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  1. Hey thanks guys... 1 more question. Will i have initial breakout again when i starts using Dan's regimen after completed my accutane course?
  2. Hi all! There are 2 more months to go before completing my whole accutane course. And i decide to have a regimen to keep my acne away but i had no ideas. Can i use the BP gel (i prefer gel than cream) after my course? Any advice guys?~
  3. it was too high dosage. i weighed 72kg and having 50mg per day, but was revised to 40mg because the side effect is too much for me. i started my course same as urs. Are u fine with 120mg? i think i will suffered alot of lips bleeding and rashes if i had 120mg per day
  4. i had went through 4th course of accutane. Scarring is bad while having accutane and i had the same thought of u getting scars done.. but afther months, my scars improved alot after stop taking accutane... by then, i didn't even think of getting scars removed. i'm now having my 4th course and the initial breakout is quite bad and pple around me asking why i had serious breakout in a short time. I don't even bother their comments because i believed accutane can cure me. it did in the previous 3 c
  5. i'm already on acutane for 5 weeks.. and i'm still asking. so what's ur problem if i'm still asking?
  6. Ur skin really healing very fast.. Unbelievable
  7. As mentioned in the topic. Is OLAY moisturizer a good one for acne-prone skin? and what does comedogenic means?
  8. I didn't really have one but i suppose this is what i did:- 1.) Took Roaccutane in morning 2.) Exfoliated skin 3.) Put on eucerin dry skin (5%urea) moisturiser 4.) Put on make up 5.) Washed makep off with soap at end of day 6.) Put on eucerin (5%urea) night cream Thats it. :D But is it suitable to exfoliated skin while on accutane? it's hurts, doesn't it? morever, there are still some acne But ur skin is really nice~! :razz:
  9. Hi Laura, can u tell us more about your regimen example, products that u apply on your face.etc. while on accutane from day 1 till now?
  10. Why there is initial breakout for accutane users? my face is feeling warm and my lips are no different from Ronald Mc donalds.
  11. This is what I am thinking. this is my 4th course of accutane... everytime there's initial breakout for me... got used to the breakout.. but i'm still not sure why there's initial breakout for accutane...eliminate the dirt out from our skin? no one can gives me a scientific answer.
  12. Hi amberlynn and everyone.. juz curious to know that is 80 mg per day a high dosage? i started 20mg/day since 18th jan 2006 for the first month and 50mg/day for the 2nd month.. i weight around 72kg..