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  1. It's kinda funny when I think about it. Do we think that not looking at them makes them not look at us? haha
  2. there are so many different versions of kefir though! nope. Just milk and water.
  3. this tongue stuff usually originates from your gut flora. try kefir to fix ur gut, ur acne might be fixed too
  4. Nope. The reason you have skin problems is because there's something wrong with your body (unhealthy). It is a scam, nothing the derm will give will fix anything, only alleviating the problems.
  5. i bought boron tablets for fluoride cleansing. not sure why u would consume borax if all u want is boron?
  6. lol. Just coz u don't eat certain foods it doesn't mean weight loss. u fill those missing calories with more of those foods which u can eat.
  7. nah creatine shouldnt do nothing bad. 5g a day is enough
  8. As far as overseeing your own research, I am not really sure. However, if you feel you have excess funds and want to aid acne research, your best bet would, probably, be to donate to a foundation dedicated to such. I don't think so. I bet a lot of these companies work under pharmaceuticals, and wouldn't let an actual cure be released.
  9. I bought some seaweed type supplement however but certainly didnt want to stay down so I've somewhat not truly experimented with iodine, when i mentioned such to my doctor of course they rolled their eyes said i 'so dont need' more of it. hm. are you using iodine? Yeah, I understand how the pics don't always do it justice. Yep, been taking Lugol's iodine for a month at least, my skin has definitiely improved (+ a bunch of other benefits). I think, and hope, the last step to clear skin wi