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  1. Im having the same issue. Ive had redness sin places i had real bad acne and even a sorta purplish spot where i had a bad cyst I asked my derm and she sold me a hydrocortisone (1%) cream. But i know that wont do the trick for me. Ive been using facial cleanser and mositurizing but now i just use the cortizone cream instead of the moisturizer 2x daily as she said. Ive been noticing others use a different kind of cetaphil moisturizer than i do though. This is the one i use http://www.cetaphil.co
  2. Accutane was my last resort but i may have to be take off of it. My doctor basically said theres nothing more he can do but i refuse to believe that. So i want to know what others have tried when accutane didnt work or when they couldnt be on it anymore? Back to antibiotics seems like the way im leaning as it did clear it up but it wasnt a solution to the underlying problem. So basically how did you help your acne situation? And did it ever go away or are you just using a temporary fix.
  3. What side effects did u encounter during ur treatment if i may ask? I've been getting constant headaches and will probably have to discontinue use just wondering if this was normal or very abnormal.
  4. I m looking for an alternative to accutane as im being taken off it. I was on and off ampacillin for about a year and it worked but it wasnt a long term solution. I hated having to rely on antibiotics all the time but now i see i have no choice but to go back on them as they were the only thing that worked. My derm said there was nothing more he could do but i have an appointment and am determined to try something else. So does anyone know of any antibiotics that are okay for long term use? Or a
  5. Looks like my time is up... I called my derm about my constant headaches ive had that wouldnt go away for the past 3 days and he told me to discontinue use... I was told to wait 3 days and then follow up, but i think this is the end, as im guessing they think it could be a sign of intercranial pressure. Whats really upsetting is that the nurse told me there is no other option so now it feels hopefless, this was my last attempt. All i can see now is being on antibiotics for the rest of my lif
  6. I've noticed that too about my workouts (even though i have as much since ive had my IB) My muscles get a little more tired easily. So ive taken it down a notch but enough so they do get some exercise. Good luck
  7. Hi Cass, I know what u mean when u say u dont talk to anyone about it because of the awkwardness and your reason for creating your log. I had moderate to severe acne for about 2-3 years and its only gotten worse. You came to the right place though a lot of people here can relate and u can get a sneak peak of how ur treatment can expect to go based on some peoples logs. Its gonna be though but if ur like me the thought that this all can finally be over with is enough to help u push on and get th
  8. Glad to hear your doing well Jenny! I've been trying the dieting and water thing to (anything that helps right) i didnt think that the insomina i was recetnyl having was accutane related but after reading some posts here it might lol. I kinda felt slugish as well.
  9. OMG i felt like i was the only one on here but u described what i had to a T!! Antibiotics have worked for me before but there only a temporary solution and i wasnt sure if i could take them with the Accutane. Ill definitly ask my derm during my next appointment if these lumps/cysts havnt come to a head by then there really annoying and tender/painful and only provide little white heads at times around them never a full one to go away like the others. Im looking forward to reading the updates
  10. ya thats what it does warm water open up pores and any water really (over a period of time) soften the skins and therefor the whiteheads would likely open easier. Hope it helps
  11. For the white heads i know what u mean i have had a lot and as soon as i get ride of one a few more seem to poop up. But what seems to ahve helped me is using a a warm water + facial cleanser regimen. I spend maybe 1-3 min splashing my face with farm water (something this makes them come out them selves and at the very least helps for them to come out sooner) Then a grab some cleanser and gently massage it into my acne so it scrubs away some of the old skin and sometimes pushes away the white
  12. Update: 1 week of 40 mg Amnesteem The good: I think i got through the worst of my IB its subsided but some new ones around it have formed and older cysts under the skin hiding as lumps have not yet completely surfaced. But they look like they are healing. Using cetaphil as a cleanser 3-4x a day and the moisturizer have helped i think. I still think it will be a couple weeks before i resemble 1/2 of my old self but im glad to start seeing some sort of improvement. The bad: Chapped lips werent
  13. Hey good luck on your regimen. I would like to hear more on the mechanisms in which it operates. I feel i can relate to a lot of what ur saying i was about right where u were when i was 19 background in biology and all hope to hear more. Best regards.
  14. Hey Ben, ive read some very informative things on your log. Good job ill be checking up good luck with everything.
  15. Finally another dude! j/k although most of the logs i see are from girls. I feel its a little different for us we cant cover it up as much with makeup and what not and one of the things that popped out at me from the side effect list was the potnetial muscle and joint problems and i work out a lot (or rather did before my acne started getting severe recently) and i was always concerned about weather id have to take it down a notch or to not engage in heavy lifting as i already had minor joint is