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  1. Hi, so, I have read many manymany articles and views about how to treat ice pick scars. I still have acne but mild acne and i really dont bother about getting a pimple or more on my face, what i care about is mostly about my ice pick scars and my red face. What in the world is the bets method? chemical peeling? ---fruit acid didnt really work for me ----what do you think about TCA? A new skin would come out, wouldnt that be the solution? Laser ---this would be the best i heard, really..oka
  2. I would collect every important info and write a book or do something through the internet and that would be free. I want to help people. I have scars and redness and all that and I know how it is to SUFFER. So yes, I would be here for a long time.
  3. Hello, recently I got to know that I suffer from these two types of scars and I wanted to tell you that I had a fruit acid peeling kinda 2 years ago but since it lasted only 2 sessions( i hadnt more money for that) i didnt see any results. i dunno about laser treatments right now, it seems to be too expensive and could someone tell me if it worked actually? I suffer also: large pores, redness... Its basically like this, with redness and large pore-skin:all over my face.
  4. I picked at my skin for over 12 years and have red marks all over my face. Two weeks ago I decided not to pick anymore, this time for good because I kinda blackmailed myself: either you get better skin or its your own fault if you look like Goldie hawn in oyur 20s.
  5. you shouldnt say things like that about yourself, it's very unhealthy. acne sucks (obviously - we all know that) but you need to maintain your self respect, otherwise you'll never be happy with yourself. even when your skin clears. ps- i should add that i have pretty awful red marks too. i wear mineral powder to conceal them. they go away. don't be so hard on yourself. do they really go away? Red marks? I have them all over my face.
  6. Hi, I do have acne (mild but acne excoriee) for more than 10 years and now my face is quite red. my pores are really big and my whole is not even anymore, do you think that I can ever get rid of ti and get a "clear" face? I know this is a general question, but most of my acne has been because I press the pimples.