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  1. Knass

    During Treatment... -Pores become invisible -Zero Oil -100% clear skin -Only had to wash my hair every couple of days 6 months after treatment... -Still 99% clear -some oil has come back but I'm still about 65% less oily than before -all side effects (except the good ones :) ) have completely gone away -Hair fell out for about a month after treatment -Excema on lips was a nightmare -Excema on hands, arms, legs -Burning, flaking, dry, r
  2. ....and I'm still clear for the most part. My oil is still slowly and steadily returning. I would say each month since stopping accutane it has increased about 5%, but it's no where near as bad as it used to be. There are so many things I can do with confidence now that I never would have been able to before accutane. A few that top the list... 1. Being able to face my husband the moment I step out of the shower 2. Going to the gym without wearing makeup 3. Not having to skip social eve
  3. ...Well, almost 6 months. I still say accutane was totally worth it. I'm almost six months post treatment and my skin is still very clear. Not that I don't have some scarring, dark spots, or a few clogged pores, but overall my skin still looks good. I ran into an old friend a couple of days ago-A friend I haven't seen since I took accutane. Immediately she asked what I had done to my skin. She said, I quote, "your skin is glowing, what did you have done?" I was pretty shocked to hear t
  4. Knass

    Its back

    Iaanin,How long have you been off of accutane? I'm 5 months post treatment right now, and my acne is just starting to slowly come back. Since I know the other treatments don't work for me, I'm debating trying accutane again. What about you?
  5. I'm about 4 months out from the end of my accutane course (5 months, 20, 20, 40, 60, 80mg). My oil is very slowly returning, my pores are clogging back up and I've had a few very tiny pimples. Still nothing I need more than light coverage makeup for and definitely no cysts or real zits! Overall, I'm very happy, but I know the digression will continue over the next few months. Anyway, now that my oil is coming back, I'm curious about Pantothenic Acid. Has anyone tried B5 for oil reduction?? O

    1. I have been off of accutane for 9 weeks, or a little over 2 months. I still haven't had any breakouts, save for a few minor clogged pores - certainly nothing I would call a "zit". The oil on my face and hair are returning very slowly. I had to fish out my old packets of oil blotters yesterday but I only needed to use one throughout the day and I didn't even soak it through. Considering I used to go through a packet a week, this is pretty good for me! I'm noticing my pores again and a few on my
    2. I'm sorry! But everyone responds differently, so maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones
    3. 7 weeks after my accutane course and I'm sad (no, frustrated, pissed, panicked, etc.) to report that I can see my old skin returning. Over the weekend, I had my contacts out and got to checking my skin out in the mirror. If you've done this you know how dangerous it can be! Much to my horror, I noticed that I could see all of the pores on my nose again. I can also see that they are starting to...fill back up. I notice a little oil on my face at the end of the day {aside: 6 months ago, if I could
    4. ...and clear skin has pretty much become my norm. It's something I don't even really think about anymore. It's funny because I try not to take it for granted-my acne could theoretically return at any time-but I've sort of grown accustomed to not worrying about my skin. It's almost as if those horrible days of hiding out at home and calling in sick to work because of awful breakouts never happened. I keep checking my t-zone for oil, but nothing appears between face washings. A tiny clogged po
    5. I have now been off of accutane for more than a month and I'm happy to report that I'm still 99% clear! I still have completely oil free skin too. I had surgery last week and didn't shower for 2 days (I know, I know, gross. I was on vicodin and was sleeping pretty much the whole time so give me a break!) Anyway, the point in confessing my poor hygeine, is that I noticed I didn't have any oil production in that entire 2 days. My skin did get moist, but not oily-moist, if that makes any sense. It
    6. Hello again, I decided to update today because, a) I saw a dermatologist yesterday, and b) I have some new lingering side effects to report. Let's start with the derm. I saw my old doctor from years ago - the one who refused repeatedly to put me on accutane because of the horrors of ipledge. (Note, I saw a different derm for my 5 month accutane course but I no longer live in that city). I asked her about doing some kind of "maintenance" therapy to make sure my acne doesn't come back. She
    7. Well thanks for reading Lesmis! I'm sorry to hear you're signed on for another 2 months (or maybe it's congratulatory - there was a time when I would have taken accutane forever if I could!)I agree with you that having clear skin is an incredible feeling that no one but fellow acre-sufferers could understand! Give a person with beautiful skin acne for a day and then let's see if they'd be willing to let a little hair shed to get rid of it!I'm still up in the air about the whole thing, as I'll ex
    8. Thanks anuk!Yes, blood tests are difinitely still required. For females, it's every month to check for pregnancy, and I believe, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver function, etc. I know my cholesterol and TGs have gone up significantly since accutane.
    9. Since stopping accutane almost 3 weeks ago I've had a couple of clogged pores here and there, but my skin is still really clear. My oil has not come back yet (woohoo!!!!) and I can still go a day without washing my hair. But accutane has got me thinking...Now I'm no hypochondriac and I tend not to try to "blame" accutane for everything that goes wrong in my life. I'm one of those people who likes to look at the research and say, "okay, did accutane really cause this side effect, or is there