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  1. Should be fine, as long as your fingers are clean. I have used my fingers before, but I just find it gets very messy.
  2. I bought my calamine lotion at a chemist - but you should be able to buy it direct off the shelf almost anywhere that sells basic lotions and creams. I use a small cotton bud to apply to the spot - enough to cover it completely. I then leave it to dry between 30min to 1 hour long, and then gently dab it off with a wet cloth (very gently, dabbing, not rubbing!). This I repeat a few times within the course of 1 to 3 days and it helps a lot. It is NOT a cure, but such a help!!! I have left it on o
  3. My experience is Calamine lotion. It works like a charm for me... reduces redness, size and helps pimples clear in half the time. I also find that I get much tinier marks left behind on spots I treated with calamine. It also works lovely on cysts that are still under the skin. I know everyone's skin reacts differently, but this product has helped me so much! Another plus point - it is very CHEAP!
  4. Thank you to all people who responded to my query! I had to post again, because I had some feedback to add. The illness I had when I posted this was definitely flu, not a cold. During that time my skin did not get worse, but certainly didn't show any signs of clearing either. Just after the flu I had a minor breakout along my jawline - I have no idea if it was related to the flu in any way. Anyhow, yesterday I was unlucky enough to pink up another virus! (I know, I know, I sound unhealthy. I
  5. Hi guys! I just wanted to know - does having a flu or cold generally worsen acne and cause fresh breakouts? I am currently struggling to through off a bad dose of flu (I am on day 15 of flu!) and, although I can't say I have noticed a considerable change in my skin, I was wondering if it could affect it in any way? Let me hear your thoughts!
  6. If the black skinned people want to change their skins to white then it's their problem - I don't call that racist at all! Stupid... yes. But not racist. And I would say the EXACT same thing for a white who decided to change to black (if it were possible)... not racist, but stupid. The message seems to be simple: we (meaning public in general) want what we don't have. EG: The blacks want fairer skin and the white's want darker skin. It's no more racist than the straight hair girl wanting curls
  7. Why does nobody call tanning lotion racist if "whitening lotion" is??! So ridiculous.
  8. Hi! I am currently undergoing a bad dose of flu (bleh) and yesterday my ear became very sore. I went to the doc who said I had a bad ear infection and put me on a dose of antibiotics: Amoclan My question: Is this Amoclan going to help my acne as well? It was NOT prescribed for this reason, but I can't help hoping I'm going to hit two birds with one stone here. :-D I have mild inflammatory acne on my chin and jawline. Also, how long does antibiotics usually take to have a visual effect on acne
  9. I hope someone has the answer to this because I have exactly the same problem!!! The spots are not very unsightly, but I hate them all the same.
  10. Hi there! I'm curious... does anybody around here know if a low iron level in any way contributes to, or causes, acne? I ask because I am a regular blood donor and my iron level is always rather low (12.6 today when I donated - I am female so it's normal to be slightly lower) and I was wondering if this in any way affects my skin. I have mild inflammatory acne on and around my chin and a bit on my forehead. Its never very bad, but can at times be pretty tender and sore and also not-so-pretty!
  11. hehehe I'm female, too. I'm sorry I assumed otherwise! I wish it were a job for me! I can only claim hobby status. Here's to female woodworkers!!! *woot* ;-)
  12. lol, I am female for a start, so I doubt me cleaning and preening myself would cause much comment. :-D I run my own business. Always happy to meet a fellow woodworker - best hobby/job in the world.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I am perfectly aware of all the toxins in MDF dust (I have been using it for over 12 years on a daily basis) and I must say that I am thankful that my skin as reacted so mildly to it. All things considered I might have expected myself to have serious breakouts! Anyhow, thanks for the cleanser wipes tips - it's a great idea! I do work from home however and so can clean my face whenever I like without delay. I was just worried about the over washing problem, but I guess yo
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking some advice/tips on treating a particular problem of mine... I have mild acne (white heads mainly that become inflamed) over my chin, forehead and on my cheeks (near the mouth). Mostly it's not too bad, but I have a problem with the work I do aggravating it. I work a lot with wood and paint (I work in the manufacturing business) and when I cut wood I always have to wear a surgical mask. The mask is *essential* as I use MDF, which has fine dust which can be pretty harmful