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  1. UPDATE: It's been nearly 2 days since the injection and the cyst is now flat! It's now just a small, darker area of skin , but I'm sure I can get it to lighten up pretty quick. It's flat but when I gently press down on it I can still feel some roundness underneath, hoping that deflates. Cortisone shot 10/10 would recommend!!! But keep the concentration low, don't risk too much
  2. Yea kenalog 0.5. Now 17 hrs have passed and luckily the redness has gone down quite a bit and the bump has gone down by nearly half, but there's still very slight pain whenever light pressure is applied. Much much less than before. Hopefully it goes away completely soon Wondering About the aftercare if anyone has an answer.... Do u leave the injected cyst alone or do u spot treat it? I use aha every other day but haven't been putting it on the cyst
  3. So I got the cyst injected about 4 hours ago, but it's still pretty sensitive pain-wise. The doc used a diluted 0.5 concentration I believe and said that some of the medicine came out when she injected it. Is it normal for it to still be a bit painful after an infection? It also hasn't really flattened out much, only slightly. Though it wasn't that big to begin with. Probably the width of half a penny
  4. I have a cyst an inch under my eye that began like a week ago. It started out super small n wasn't even raised, but over time it grew. the past 3 days it has risen n started becoming a bit painful. It had no head, but today it looks like it has a very small white head on the side of it. I Can't really tell if it's surfaced or still under the skin Anyway today I'm supposed to get an acne injection for this bump, but Now that it has a really small tip, will the cortisone shot be any good??
  5. Strange isn't it? I think I've managed to make it work tho! I've just been putting it on little by little, building up the amount with each application, and it seems to be working well! Yes I started slowly introducing it to my left cheek the past few weeks and now I'm not getting irritation Thx for the advice
  6. U need to ask ur primary doctor for a referral to see an allergist. It's pretty easy! I haven't scheduled my appointment yet but I will soon. It should be covered by ur insurance, but I'm not sure, depends on the company. Ur skin still looks healthy n the marks are fading nicely! I haven't really been using tamanu the past few days so I have no progress to report, but I'll start again tmr. I say keep it up!
  7. Have u had ur digestive system checked at all? Is there really something wrong with it? A year ago I found out I have something called h. Pylori. Which a lot of people actually have and I read that it might have an affiliation with acne. I haven't done anything about it, but I definitely am now. In fact, next week I'm getting everything checked; hormones, allergies, vitamin deficiencies, etc.. because I recently had an allergic reaction to stinging nettle. I got hives and pretty sure it's wha
  8. So far nothing different has happened. Just dark red marks now. Ur still getting acne in the areas u put the tamanu?
  9. No one has experience with this? AHA works for me, but every now and then the day after I apply my red marks will look brighter than usual, but most of the time they are fading away
  10. Thanks for the reply! I'll keep those products things in mind. Also wondering about something else! Have u ever put tamanu oil on a pimple that u popped? Two pustules i had leaked/popped on their own, but not all of it came out so i squeezed what I could and put pimple stickers on them to drain out more. On one of them nothing but that clear liquid is coming out but it's still sore so I put tamanu on it since it's antibacterial. A few hrs later it's still sore. I'm wondering if this was a goo
  11. Not for facial use

    I bought this cuz I wanted to invest in a water based moisturizer. Big mistake. Seriously wish I could go back in time and stop myself from buying this becuz it gave me sore zits in the areas I put it on. This didn't Happen immediately. It took a few days. So at first it may seem as though it's working, but not for long. However, I give it 2 stars cuz it's a good size product and works better on the body. Just don't put this on your face.
  12. Wow that's great improvement for 12 days! Ur skin also looks healthy despite the hyperpigmentation. How did u ultimately cure ur acne?? I Also want to add that I'm using the Aura Cacia brand. Which do u use?
  13. I've been using tamanu over a week and I'm pretty happy! I only use it as a spot treatment. Two spots I've been putting it on have shrunk! Not entirely gone yet but I'm pleased. Also, one day I had a red itchy area on my chin for some reason. I Put tamanu on it and within an hr it was gone! I got another itchy red area this time on my left cheek so I tried it again, and by the end of the day it's pretty much gone now! II'm gonna use it on a few more pigmented areas now that I'm satisfied with th
  14. I know how u feel I've been feeling the same way recently. Everything was going great, and then I get an unexpected breakout. What were u doing to ur face while it was in good condition? If u changed anything try to get back to how u were doing things then. I think what might be responsible for the breakout I had was some tea I started drinking. Ironically everything started happening a few days after drinking it. I've stopped drinking it now, it's been almost a week since I had it. The small p
  15. What have you been doing to keep ur acne under control? For the redness I recommend an AHA. Preferably one that's less than 10%