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  1. I had to buzz it to. #3 at first but now it’s a #1. May have to go to 0 soon. At first it was just the top and now it’s the sides and back too. There’s a guy on reddit who is also asian and his looks like where mine is headed. Just google reddit xboxfun username. He posts pics of his.
  2. I have the same scalp tingling you have too man. I’ve been off accutane for about 2.5 years now. Hair loss on my beard and eyebrows and scalp. This sucks. Had to shave my head. I had thick asian hair and it is thin all over my head and patchy.
  3. Hi everyone, I am suffering right along with you all. Took this poison 3 times and the third time did me in big time. I am hoping maybe we could compile a new thread of success stories of those who suffered years after treatment, but subsequently recovered. I feel this would be very helpful for those of us who are suicidal/depressed. I've literally spent hundreds of hours at this point scouring the web for any positive outcomes following the years of suffering. I've been able to find a few,
  4. I'm 31. I am not actually bald anywhere. My hair is just thinned out all over. The density is no longer there. I've read a couple posts where people had thinning hair but after several years it returned. Just hoping anyone who has experience that could share some details about it.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping for a hopeful story about hair loss. Basically I've been on 3 rounds/courses of accutane. 1st round 2010 5 months starting dosage 20mg/day, ending at 60mg, total 5700mg. 2nd round 2012 5 months starting at 20mg/day ending at 40mg, total 3800mg. 3rd round 2016 6 months starting 40mg/day ending at 60mg, total 8700mg. I had no severe side effects during any of these rounds except minor back pain and skin dryness. After my last round, I had blurry vision and hair
  6. Ya, the acne is mild I guess; compared to others who need to go on the drug. It's just that my skin tone is so prone to the red marks even after the pimple is long gone. Day 90 The derm upped my dosage to 40mg/day this month because she said I was still a little oily and I had a pimple when I saw her. I've been on the 40mg for about 3 weeks and its definitely making my entire body more dry. I also think the weather is contributing to my dryness because when it gets cold my skin also get more
  7. Day 68 Well I just started my 3rd month of Accutane. My derm has slowly been increasing the dosage b/c she said my skin was still producing oil. I was on 20mg a day for the first month, 30mg a day the second month and now I'm on 40mg a in the third month. I really hope I don't have to increase my dosage after this. Anyway my skin: I don't really break out that much anymore even if I go to bed without washing my face. However, I still get a pimple or two every few weeks. My main concern now ho
  8. Day 32 Went to the Derm today and she upped my dosage to 30mg a day. So I take 10mg in the morning and 20mg at night. My skin has not really had any major breakoouts for the past week or so and I hope it stays that way. I had a pretty big cyst appear on my left cheek about a week ago but it has since gone away. The only side effects I am getting are chapped lips. My eyes seem to be a bit blurrier than usual because i wear contacts. I just hope my skin stays break out free like this for the r
  9. Day 11: Ok I am for sure noticing the effects of accutane. Before, it was definitely minor, like oh um I think I am seeing some changes. Coulda been a placebo. But now my lips are definitely chapped, I did get a little more achey all around and especially my side. Woke up with flu like symptoms yesterday and didn't go to work because of a killer headache. My night vision got a little fuzzy a few days ago and now my left eye is def a little blurrier than pre tane. Lips are pretty chaps and I hav
  10. I've been read your log I was doing research for accutane. I just started posting too. This website really does help people make informed decisions. Anyway i enjoy your witty posts. P.S. it seems like you're into decent music. i've been all about castledoor lately.
  11. Day 8: Skin is a little drier. Lips are slightly chapped (dont really need chapstick yet) My back is sore, I dont know if it was because I slept on it wrong but it IS sore. My night vision is a little blurry. When it's slighty warm in my room at night, my face feels very warm on the inside but when I put my hand up to it, it feels normal temp. It feels like there is heat coming from inside my face. Got a few more little pimples but nothing that isn't typical. No sign of an IB yet which is sweet
  12. Hey there, I wear contacts too and I think I may have experienced a little more haziness at night time than usual. Did you get this? I'm on day 4 btw
  13. I was wondering if anyone has seen this video and been scared outta taking accutane Anyways I'm wondering if the guy should have kept on taking it because if might have just been a horrible IB... he had pretty severe acne before.
  14. Thanks man. I know my face looks alright from the pics but the scarring kills me. I also get a few monster cysts every few weeks and they take forever to heal. Plus they scar. Thats why my derm put me on a low does 20mg/day and I weigh 140lbs. Hopefully this frees me from having to bring creams and potions everywhere I go. Acne sucks balls when especially when your a guy. If I go on an overnight trip with friends, they always ask me what I'm putting on my face, its embarrasing.