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  1. soo i've had acne since i was about 12. started out mild, got moderately severe, now it's mild again being 18.. i've tried numerous OTC products, been on retin a (cleared me up the best) antibiotics, accutane which didnt clear me up, benzaclin, dan's regimen which was okay but was honestly too time consuming. it's been a roller coaster. one thing i can say though is that my diet hasn't ever been the best, as of now i don't drink pop and i really cut back on sugars i try to eat as healthy as p
  2. Its almost impossible to get acne when oil glands stop producing oil. If you still get acne after being on Accutane, then you are still producing oil, obviously. accutane never stops oil production 100 % that's just unhealthy... my face was dry as a desert and i STILL got acne, so obviously it wasn't the oil causing my acne in the first place.
  3. that sucks your going to china i wouldn't step one foot in that commie hell hole
  4. all these depressing theads about people complaining that they can't get a girl/guy because of acne is annoying, get over yourselfs and go try. if you get a no whatever theres plenty of other people out there. quit bitching.
  5. some peoples IB can last 2 weeks, 1 months, 4 months, etc. everyones different. you're only on your 1st month, stick with it....be sure to moistureize, something i didn't do because i thought it'd make me skin normal since it cuts the oil production, boy was i wrong. fyi accutane isn't a cure, it didn't even clear me after my 6 month course and i have mild/moderate acne.
  6. Yea it will eventually, when i used it i spot treated my problem areas.. it doesnt burn when you put it on at all either it's more cooling haha. i used it during the day and tretinoin at night, worked wonders. i think the concentration of benzoyl peroxide in it is something along the lines of 5 %, so not something to put all over your face IMO
  7. don't worry accutane didn't clear me up after 6 months either...so it's probably not the oil that causes you acne? maybe bacteria, or something internal with you stomach. at least for me that's what i have it narrowed down to. my skin as of now is "normal" oil wise you could say but i still get acne, no where near as bad as before accutane but it's still moderate/mild. sooo it might be the build up of toxins in your body idk lol i'm just spewing words now.
  8. lol how is acne attractive? i wouldn't put that against a girl if she had it, if she was pretty and right for me i'd date her...but it sounds silly that you'd date a girl because she has acne? what if she was still a total bitch?
  9. i'm 26 and i still live in my moms basement. i have no job right now cuz it's real hard to find one in this economy i did go to school but i flunked out so now i'm just chilling. I love my parents though cuz they still pay for my xbox live and video games so i have it good now. i just have to clean my room and sometimes wash clothes i dont have to do dishes or picku p after myself its awesome!11
  10. lol. who the hell still listens to Limp Bizkit haha right...someone stuck in the past llol
  11. keep yuour head up and just don't think about it, fake it til you make it.. btw limpbiscuit sucks soooo bad, you must have a bland taste in music.