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  1. hmm.. I mean I use only his products you know the wash, bp and moisturizer, but I had some issues with using AHA+. The AHA for me would cause my skin to irritate more and would cause me to have red marks, so I completely took that out of my regimen. I also have been using the Jojoba oil every morning and night (one drop), so that actually has helped my skin create a natural feel and look. I also have resisted from picking, squeezing, and scratching and i've noticed my redness go down cuz of that
  2. This encouraged me a lot. Really inspiring gallery, amazing before and after. I hope the regimen works as well for me as it did for you. Thanks for posting this
  3. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.
  4. It takes up to 3-4 weeks sometimes to get your skin accustomed to BP. While your skin is getting accustomed, sometimes it will get dry and flaky. This sounds normal to me. Have you tried using jojoba oil?
  5. Well for me, I get acne on my forehead and lower cheeks. Been that way for 2-3 years or so. Never gotten a pimple anywhere else, so I've been doing the regimen only on my forehead and lower cheeks. So I guess to answer your question, I always put BP on the spots where I have breakouts, never anywhere else. It's been working great for me! hope I helped.
  6. anyone else have any opinions?
  7. Alright, thanks for your input
  8. I know you are supposed to wait 12 hours or so between regimen applications. But I'm just wondering, which one would be better if you had to choose? A. Waiting 7.5 hours between regimen applications? OR B. Doing regimen once a day at night? Thanks!