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  1. Woke up today like usual. Look like complete crap with the dried BP on my skin as usual, even though I moisturized completely. God forbid I actually want to do something about my skin. I apologize to my face for only trying to help it. I'm seriously about to take a razorblade and cut open my skin and rip it off. WHY DO I GO THROUGH THIS
  2. Hi, I accidentally bought 10% BP at the drug store yesterday, and I won't be able to make a trip out to a drug store for another week or so. I've been using a very small tube of 2.5% gel for the past few weeks and the redness seemed to die down after my face got used to it. After the redness when I started using 2.5%, I'm sort of scared to try 10%, but also don't want to break the cycle I have going. In your opinion, should I try the 10% BP and continue on or simply stop until I can get back o