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  1. SA works great!... I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment (nighttime pore clarifying gel). There was never any worse before it got better:)
  2. It never got worse before it got better. I think my skin needed to be exfoliated and that is what SA does. It is so much smoother looking and soft.
  3. I wash with cetaphil every night and morning and use Neutrogena clear pore every other night and to spot treat. (I also belive prayer helps:)) This regime has done wonders for me! Everything else was making me break out bad. BP was not helping. I tried Proactiv. I am a firm believer that simplicty is key. Our skin gets aggravated when we try to hard and use harsh materials. I also use dove essentials day lotion, which has vitamins in it which I believe help. I also have been taking apple cide
  4. Read "TheCase For Christ" by Lee Strobel. I highly recommend it if you want as close to physical proof that God exists that you can. Highly, highly recommend it!
  5. Do you ever question God for why those of us with acne must continually go through it? I always feel guiltyfor thinking that I don't deserve to suffer with it and that their are not so good people who should have it over me. I feel so vain!! I pray to GOd religiously asking why Imust have this skin problem. DOes anyone else and has it provided you ant consolence?
  6. what is the best solution to try up individual pimples and i don't mean cystic? The ones that are just red and like little minature hills? any advice?? thanks!!
  7. hey mouse! how long did it take? when did you use the benzaclin? did the micro help fade discoloration? thanks!
  8. can someone give me a weekly time frame of how many times and how often they broke out when starting retin-a micro? how long did it take till you basically saw constistency in almost perfect/ clear skin? How long did it take for it to fade red marks/ discolorations? thanks
  9. has anyone tried any of the nivea balancing face washes? I need somehing gentle because I use retin'a micro, and my face is basically clear besides marks. I wanted to try thr white bottle that i think is supposed to gently exfoliate. However, it says oil free on the bottle but nothing about not clogging pores. Does oil-free mean it won't clog pores? confused?? :?
  10. I've used BP on my face the last 2 nights and i usually use salayic acid. My face is basically clear just discooration is left. The discoloration was fading quite nicely then the last 2 nights I used BP on my face and I noticed after washing they are strating t turn purplish. what's up??
  11. has anyone tried avon's anew luminosity ultra to lighten the discolorations acne leaves behind? It says you' will see noticeable results in just 7 days! Let me know what ya'll think!!
  12. i think bc was keeping me clear for the last several years because over christmas i forgot to renew my prescription and so i went about 2 or 3 weeks without it and then started up again for a month and then decided for stupid reasons i wanted to skip a period, so i skipped the dummy pills and started right away on the hormone ones for the next month. :roll: To make a story short, after having clear skin for 2 years on bc, i broke out like nothing else quite shortly. I think ortho tricyclen
  13. thanks...i'm still trying to convinve myself i even want to go b/c all imperfections seem to just glare in sunlight. if i do get some sun, would vita-k maybe help in preventing the marks from getting worse? i'm so clueless sometimes :roll:
  14. oh, i also bought some aloe vera you actually drink too. i wonder what t will taste like :wink: