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  1. A few years ago, I decided to make lifestyle changes. More exercise, no more junk/bad food, and good sleeping habits. And the results were very good. Acne decreased and as long as I maintain that level of health, the acne mostly stays away. But sometimes life gets in the way. Work has been really busy and that adds stress and less time for exercise. Girlfriend has been busy too and sometimes we have to meet late after work which means less sleep. And for the past month I've paid the price
  2. About a week ago I got a red bump on my chin area and I'm not sure what to do. Last time I had a red bump like this it was very frustrating. Every morning it seemed like the bump was almost gone, but by evening it was red and more raised. I let it go on like that for a few weeks and it never formed a whitehead. Finally I got tired of it, ignored all the rules about not squeezing red bumps, and squeezed hard. The skin broke almost instantly and a thick piece of white stuff came out with a lo
  3. I understand how acne forms when not using medicine (oil glands get clogged, bacteria, etc.) But I've been using an oral antibiotic (doxy) and two topicals (clim,benzyl mix and tazorac) for a few weeks. And I just got a big pimple, the kind that is going to last for days and leave a long lasting pigmentation scar. How can any acne form in such an environment? I've got antibiotics both inside my body and on my skin daily. The tazorac is exfoliating my skin. I don't understand how new acne c
  4. I've often heard the advice that pimples shouldn't be popped. But it seems like pimples don't actually start healing until it's popped, all the white stuff is pushed out, and it bleeds a lot. I can also immediately feel the pressure relief afterwards. I once tried not popping and it lasted for weeks until finally I got tired of it and forced it out by pushing. If I had popped it earlier, those weeks could've been spent in the healing stage. Is the body just unable to get rid of this stuff b