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  1. Woaaaaaaaah.....that sounds pretty gnarly, man. Needling is one thing, you're just creating tiny puncture wounds that quickly close up again but what you have in mind sounds like (minor) surgery, which is inherently more risky, and I don't mean the risk of further scarring but infection or even septic shock, which can totally kill you. Are you going to be able to properly sterilize the blade/trimmer? How do you plan on suturing the wound? The patent filings mention how the oil was applied as t
  2. Will do! And I'm not basing my confidence in egg oil on just its traditional use and anecdotal history, the fact that several recent clinical studies have also demonstrated its efficacy is quite compelling to say the least. Just curious, how to you plan on testing it? Are you first going to ablate the scar somehow? And is it a regular (linear) scar or an atrophic scar? I will remove an older inch long linear scar from the top side of my finger that I recieved from a knife/wood wittling accide
  3. First off, did Vav Life ever say their extraction method was patented? I've only ever seen the word "proprietary" used, and that doesn't necessarily mean that a patent has been filed, only that the thing in question is a trade secret and is protected by other legal instruments such as non-compete and non-disclosure contracts. This is actually advantageous because these contracts can be stipulated to last in perpituity, unlike patents which have a fixed expiration date. For example, the Coca Cola
  4. Maybe a rice cooker can be used to extract the oil from the boiled yolks using 190 proof everclear as the solvent. It works for hemp oil. www.cannabiscure.info/files/cannabis_oil_2.htm
  5. www.google.com/patents/US4219544 This patent was granted in 1980! Heat was used to extract the oil under temperature controlled conditions. I want to find the cold process patent Vav Life uses. It protects the oil from being compromised and it removes the protein. The oil works. It's already here and it's cheap to make for ourselves. The only downside is self scar removal. I plan to do a test site as soon as I sort out a way to get the oil via the cold process way. All patients mentioned in
  6. Damn link for the pictures of the infant with burned hands healed scar free with egg oil didn't work. Here it is again. Nope still can't make it a link. Sorry I am using a phone to post this stuff. Again who here has that GoogleFu to find the patent for the cold extraction process? I can not find it... www.pharmafocusasia.com/articles/healing-burns
  7. The mice study used the 2-propanol/hexane solvent yolk oil extraction. The infant child used the vav life cold process yolk oil extraction (which is much safer as no solvent remains in or is used to extract the oil from the yolk) we need to find the patent for the cold extraction process. The solvent one is very expensive. Scar free healing is here. The egg oil works. But no one sells it as we need it. The cold process might be easy enough to do allowing us a way to Frankenstein/create some of t
  8. Guys it's time to start talking about egg oil again. It has been used in humans and mice it has healed them without scars. The oil used was not made by frying the yolk or using 2-propanol/hexane solvent mixture. Both of those methods ruin the oil in various ways. Vav Life Science invented a solvent free cold process technique to extract the oil from the yolk. I am still searching for that patent with out any sucess. This oil healed mice scar free. It healed a 9 month old baby scar free as well.
  9. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1191357/000122150807000051/ex99_2anticytcokine.html I wonder if JHU could use the findings from this to improve the Hydrogel? It works by suppressing "Cytokines" during wound recovery. They used an Arthritis Cream from Australia called Thermalife. It has bovine collagen in it.
  10. JHU should refine the hydrogel using only porcine models for the tests until they get the results they got from that mice test. I don't want to hear things like "stem cells". You have no idea how much trouble is involved to get them, both in cost and application. The hydrogel worked on mice it will work on pigs and humans. They need to sort out what changes need to be made to Hydrogel in order to reach that solution. The roadblock wont be passed until they succeed in achieving the same scarfree
  11. It pretty much sounds like it was a success in the porcine model and now they intend to see what it does in wounds that have been open and exposed to the elements longer. This is a good thing, since one of the target groups involves patients with diabetic ulcers that don't heal. It's going to get approved as a "Device" and not a "Drug" and It won't take three 5 year clinical trial periods to arrive on the market because it's not a drug! That is a blessing in and of itself- because any drug based
  12. I hope they offer a Spray-On version of this DH when it comes out for Veterinarian Use. Kind of Like Vetericyn. That stuff is amazing at healing chronic wounds that don't normally heal on their own. Hydrogel is amazing stuff. Here is a website that shows Vetericyn in action. http://www.lynnterry.tv/videos/mylahs-vet-visit/
  13. Bloodwar44 Please stop trolling... Hydrogel is nothing new. The approach/formula used to create this form of Hydrogel is. They tested it against a control and you can bet your #$% they did it several times over before welcoming investors in and moving on to the porcine model. Thank you Rudy1986. I tried to call them today as well. I am tired of the Trolls on this forum going out of their way trying to spread misinformation and bad news in order to dash other peoples hope. Some people on here
  14. sterile cotton gauze soaked in castor oil held in place with sewing thread wrapped around it. but this was on the arms and it took over a year to remove the scars, and i didn't take pictures. i have a scar on my face i want to get rid of, but it's hard to keep a swatch of cotton in place on this area for long periods of time. It works but you have to keep it on the scar 24/7 for a long long time. I dont trust plastic wrap with castor oil. only use dye free natural fabrics that dont have plastics