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  1. Hello if you are seeing this message please reply back or please content me need your suggestions :)

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  2. ohh .. well , i have a moisture cream , but not a dermal cream or a iodine , i have been putting the moisture cream on the "hole" for the these few days lolz , i just hope it helps , but should i put ALOT of just a small dab of it ?
  3. well .. okay , i think i will give it 1 week and see how things goes ..
  4. Okay , 4 days ago i squeezed out puss on the other size of my nose , it left a hole but there was alot of blood which covered the hole after it dried out , so 3 days later , the scab looked alittle like a mole (black) and it looked "okay" to peel off , and when i peeled off , it had a hole , lol .... a pretty big one ... shit ... so i'm just asking if will it heal ???
  5. well , i poked the cyst on my cheek and alittle bit of pus flow out , i was hoping for more , but what comes out after that was just more blood , tried to squeeze it harder but it just hurt so bad , and today , it seems to have decreased in size but it seems redder , from far away , its just this red patch on my cheek - VERY noticeable and i can still feel something hard inside the cyst , god dammit ... freaking hate this cyst ... and i can say 90% of all those cyst i got doesn't have a fking wh
  6. ok i duno why but nowadays , i seem to have more cyst that usual , i mean like out of a blue , i get a bump and the second day it become EVEN bumpier , when i touch it , it feels really hard , i KNOW there's some shit inside it but i just cant get it to pop , i use needle to poke a small hole but still nothing , that shit ain't coming out , i had few cyst on my nose b4 , i did the same thing , poke , drain , scab , drop , ta da all healed , but now i have more cyst there usual , and they are f
  7. lol , just wait , maybe one day he get a load shit of acne on his face P.S Genetic is a bitch
  8. 1 word - gtfo . You dont have acne at all , you don't have any huge pores , at what do you mean by wrinkly forehead ? All i see is hair on your forehead ( not trying to be mean ) and where the fk are your scars ? REALLY PISSES ME OFF when somebody without any acne or scars comes here and starts posting all this crap , it just seems to me that your just trying to gain attention .. so many people would spent 1000 of dollars to have your skin ... and if you cry over this , you should really go se
  9. It feels as if i just found my own doppelganger >.< your situation is exactly like mine ! I used to go out with my friends like everyday , going out feeling all handsome , but now ? my face is like WTF compared to how i used to look like , clogged pores , fkin enlarged pores ! my cheeks are like freaking red filled with some nasty blackheads ... i feel REALLY REALLY self-conscious , my parents tells me that my face isn't that bad , but my neighbours would come out " hey ! what happened to
  10. Dermatologists have told me that i have light scarring...other on this forum have said that it is moderate. I personally believe that it is moderate. that is why i would condier sverds as deep. I mean they are...but they dont cover his face such as others....they are in a small concentration...people who have scarring such as ray liotta and bill murray I consider to be 'bad' scarring...so very very deep and covers the whole face more or less.... I apologise if i am rubbing you guys up the wro
  11. ermm , have you tried steaming your pores and by steaming i mean by going into a sauna or something like that ? it really works for me , but it doesn't last that long ..
  12. lol i have some like these too , it looks like 2-3 pores are so close together , and they look like 1 line of indention
  13. Meh .. the pictures got deleted ... But honestly , everyone has their own opinions , why come here and start bashing ? I mean people came here to get help , not to bash each other ... Just saying ..
  14. Cyst equals to the WTF version of a normal pimple , takes ages to go away , you know there's alot of pus inside yet it takes forever for the head to come out ... and btw they are fcuking painful and fking red ..