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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appeal_to_nature
  2. I guess we will have to disagree, although your 2000 good vs bad calorie reference is just white noise to me, doesn't really make sense at all since of course if someones into fitness they are going to hit their micros and macros while say they had fast food during the day, they just have to work around that by eating clean foods to hit their macros for that day. And as for the aspartame debate, The only evidence saying its bad for human consumption, is a rat study, and it is rediculous to ev
  3. Calories in vs out is not outdated, The Human body gains weight when in a caloric surplus, loses weight in a caloric defecit, maintains its weight at caloric maintenance. Of course there are a few exceptions, such as someone being new to weight lifting. But please explain how its not about this? I mean sure everyones metabolism is different, some people have destroyed their basal metabolism by not eating enough food. But there is no way you can say body weight is not maintained by calories in vs
  4. I have not logged into this site in over a year, but when I saw this, and your mentioning of aspertame and how its horrible for your health I had to say something. There is no window after you work out, You should probably look at the science behind it, what matters is your daily macronutrient intake, and calories in vs calories out, on a daily scale. The only studies that say aspartme is dagerous were studys done on rats, last time I checked, humans are not rats, and its not like they gave them
  5. Kole

    Wet Shaving

    Yeah wet shaving has helped me alot with my breakouts, I use a Merkur safety razor, and Taylor Brand Coconut oil shaving cream. But I think the best thing is the razors. Iv used 4-5 different types of razors from them. The last one I tried was the Feather brand razors, from Japan. They are so much better than any other saftey razor blade its not even funny. I stayed away from them because everyone in the "wet shaving world" said they were super sharp and would cut very easily. But I have never c
  6. The BP is the best I have used, compared to acnefree and proactive, Its a gel and it works really well. Dans cleanser and his moisturizer are made to not irritate the skin. All of his products are made for acne. Some moisturizers might make you break out, Dan's wont.
  7. Well its used to exfoliate the skin by using an acid so I would say its normal. Its just bringing new skin to the surface so try to use a warm washcloth and gently brush those flakes away after you use.
  8. The bp worked for me, Try adding Jojoba before you apply bp.
  9. Been doing the regimen for about 3 months, for the most part my acne is gone. just waiting on red marks to fade =/

  10. I too have noticed the BP burns my eyes in this new bottle I got compared to the last one. i have batch 0181 as well, I guess its just because its fresh like you said.