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  1. BP causes worse acne, its only a temp solution after you think its all gone it will come back 20x worse. Better off to just stop using BP and search out other treatment options that dont murder your skin. BP causes worse acne, its only a temp solution after you think its all gone it will come back 20x worse. Better off to just stop using BP and search out other treatment options that dont murder your skin.
  2. i dont know if the guy who made derventa is still doing it or not. I get new bottle from him every few months but i havent heard if he is still like really working on it. ill check and see. he sent it out last year for free with 100% success rate. I think its still 100% ^^
  3. its mild. I feel your pain though. Thankfully i dont have acne anymore thanks to a special little powder called derventa. Anyways. what are you using to treat it?? Despite what poeple say BP is super bad for you skin and can cause worse acne. (Not ALL people react in the same way) Thats why if you stop BP you can break out 10x worse like a month after. Believe me So ya, can you tell us what your using to treat it?
  4. hey! i found this site that sells this powder for 9.99$ and it WORKS!! 6 days completely clear! i was skeptical at first but you know ill do anyting to get clear and iv tried everything else so i decided to give it a go. it got here fast and first day it helped! it clears and gets rid of oilyness overnight. PLEASE! you have to at least try this! its a 100% chance to clear! it seriously works! i told some of my friends and i gave them some of mine and it cleared them up too! were looking at
  5. iv never heard of that before. i take about 90mg + of zinc a day and i feel fine.
  6. ok so i remember in the last year when i used to run with my brother every day and im kinda out of shape so i decided to start running again. so for the past few days iv been getting up around 6 (its feeezzzinnnggg by the way) and running about a mile plus working out a little. and iv noticed my skin getting better, ALOT better. and BP treatments seem more effective. now im just really curious as to why? how does working out help? just general curiosity
  7. im 15 as well and have had it since i was 10. which is realllyyy weeirrdd. and ya i totally understand how you feel. lol i wish i could use make up (ima guy...) now i have moderate acne, i used to have so much i wanted to dieee. now its not so bad. i burn easily so most of the time my face is bright red and flaky (eww) but i still go on with life. idk how i do it! but i do. i never look in mirrors, i never think about it. fortunately acne will eventually go away. you just have to pull thro
  8. there is 10mg of zinc in each pill but its pure zinc so its stronger.
  9. got these pills a few days ago zinc liver chelate. completely clear. 2 days. 5 pills a day. CLEAR! redness still there and if i forget to take the pills i get a few pimples. but CLEAR!!!! good god get some of these and at least try them! maybe they will clear you up aswell.
  10. again. masturbation may not be the cause for ALL people. only a few. i recently went to the docotors and asked about zinc. she said to look at your figernails. do you see white around the middle? that means you have low zinc. she gave me these pills -zinc liver chelate. first day i took about 5 total through out the day. next day the white marks started to go away. now iv devolped this paranoia and i dont look into the mirror anymore but i accidentaly looked into our glass door and litterally al
  11. At least you can skip class. -.- My parents dont understand and literally DRAG me to school. Everyone has these types of days. you just gotta push through them
  12. my school is the same way!! sorry, i just had to point that out XD
  13. that must be an isolated incident, or you already have to much zinc in your system, that could cause it to break you out. But i have low zinc and it seems to help. but im wondering if applied topically it could do more than if it was ingested.
  14. iv been experimenting with different vitamins mixed in with my moisturizer and seeing if it helps any. so i was wondering if applied topically zinc could help??