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  1. i have really dry skin too! especially in the winter. i use celestial face lotion from lush cosmetics. its kind of spendy but its great! lush is usually inside macys, you can prob find one near you on their website. also they will give you a sample if you dont want to buy it right away. just say im looking for a great moisturizer could i get one to take home and try? i have tried 2 of their face lotions..celestial and skind drink. i found celestial to be much better and less greasy feeling than
  2. BB cream is like a tinted moisturizer. idk why they call it bb cream though. they sold it everywhere when i was in korea.
  3. so hows the tea thing working for you? i drink about 7 cups of tea a day. and it hasnt cleared my acne completely. but it has helped. and ive always had dry skin, and it has definately helped with that! at first it made me have to go pee all of the time, but i kinda have an iron bladdder now. i drink one cup of green tea(green tea isnt my favorite) 2 cups of white tea(which is actually higher in antioxidants than green tea, plus its much lighter in flavor so you might like it a bit more) and the
  4. my face is extremely sensitive... and i tried to do dans regimen but i got what you have now pretty much the first week. i had to stop using it. there are a few things you can do though that will make your face feel much better. go to reviews.. and then home remedies. if you want something soothing for your face i suggest the honey mask(make sure its raw honey though), egg white mask, or a cucumber and oatmeal mask. sorry that happened! good luck.
  5. unagii37

    smells good my face feels like baby skin taste good my face looks brighter a little sticky, cant wear it to bed. so ive only been using this for a few days.. but my skin looked so much better after just the first use! i used regular honey from the grocery store... it itched like crazy and made my face a lil red. but my skin still looked good. then i read on here that i should be using raw honey.. so i went and got some. it doesnt itch anymore! it feels great. i dont heat it up, ju
  6. i used to have really chapped lips. i suffered from chapped lips from elementary till a few months ago..im 20. i thought thats just how my lips were. i tried tons of different chapsticks and i would just have to reapply them all day. until... a few months ago! i got a job at a tea store. and employees are encouraged to drink the tea throughout the day so that when a customer asks about it we can tell them our honest opinion. anyways i dont know if its the tea.. or just the fact that i am drinki