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  1. also i have very large pores on my upper cheeks which may be the cause,.
  2. hello all. I still continue to suffer from rashy looking skin. If you stand a few feet away my skin looks cle. but up close i have a lot of skin colored bumps. When I squeeze them pus comes out. Its pretty much on my upper cheeks and around my upper chin. My question is does anyone know how to treat it? I have used exfoliators but with no luck. any insight? Would a prescript med lik retin a micro work? Thanks
  3. u should have never touched it, but now that u did, ice it! Leave it alone! Just keep icing it! Put some topical Salicylic acid onto it cuz it will decrease the inflammation! Good Luck! It will subside on its own!
  4. I have a very litte acne pimples if any but what i do have are these freakin skin toned closed comedones! The ones where you squeeze the skin white stuff comes out! My question is what is there to get rid of these! Would accutane get rid of these? I know something liek this was posted a few months ago but there was never any real way to get rid of these things!
  5. when taking lemon juice does it have to be striaght from the lemon or will bottled lemon juice work as well? Thansk
  6. i just starting using, and its great! granted my face is not at all bad but it works. give it time!
  7. basically, all that you are doing if you r puting aspirin on your face is putting salicylic acid on your face!
  8. its funny how people outside the US call trips "holidays"! We call them vacations! Just thought it was funny!
  9. Its supposed to be a knock off of proactiv for half the price! Anyone ever tried it?
  10. i think I'm going to buy it, but I just wanted tyo know how well uit works! All the testimonials says its great! Its hard to believe that just a face wash will keep you clear but apparently it does! I have very mild acne but have large pores which makes it tough to keep dirt out from causing acne so I'm hoping this product works! Any comments will be well appreciated!
  11. I double checked and it is. I'm really interested in why this was prescribed to you for acne! Most often this medication is used to treat hig blood pressure but I have never heard of it for acne.
  12. spironolactone? I'm a first year pharmacy student so I dont know everything, but I'm pretty sure spironolactone is a K sparing diuretic! That seems a little odd for the treatment of acne!
  13. I hav ehad the same thing before in my lifetime, I am 21 right now! It has nothing to do with acne! I believe they are called breast buds or something like that. Alot of guys get them, usually through puberty and yes they do hurt like hell when you press em or touch em. Just leav eit alone and it will go away! since you are 18 u r still going through puberty most liekly, so this is nothin to worry about! The time tio start worrying is if those breast buds grow into full blow man boobs! LOL! J/K
  14. For any of you who have taken antibiotics for acne how has it helped you? I'cve heard it does wonderds for baqck acne because back acne is mostly caused by an increase in bacteria on the skin! But on facial acne it doesnt seem to work as well! AANy info would be great thanks!