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  1. Well, I did make some improvements to my diet as I listed, and I'm still going strong on my magic pills any still looking great! It did work for me in 3 days and the results are continuing. Who wants to wait 2 years just to realize oh wait that wasnt working. Of corse diet plays a big role but as soon as that curcumin and burdock got in my blood it began to subside. Its best to take Apple Cider Vinegar in pill form. Your stomach can handle it but your teeth's enamel is too weak to handle su
  2. there are cheaper tumerics that you can get but the GAIA one (costs 20 bucks) is the one to get because the active ingredient is the curcumins that are extracted. Thats where the magic of that root exists in the pure extract called curcumins... the other ones I think are more powdery and wont have as much curcumins so you might have to take more to see results if you go for the cheap ones. I also got a bag of bulk tumeric spice, and have been cooking it into some into vegetable dishes. prett
  3. sure I got everything at whole foods: GAIA - Tumeric Supreme - Liquid phyto caps Nature's Life - Apple Cider Vinegar - 250 mg tablet Solray - Burdock - (organic) capsules its really working so far! Im taking one of each - twice a day best of luck!
  4. I forgot to mention that I made a few dietary changes that seem to be helping too: Increasing fresh vegetables and fruits Increasing water intake (especially in the beginning of the day) - at night you wouldnt want to drink a bunch of water (or eat alot) cause your organs need to rest to remain healthy Eliminating sugars (especially refined sugars, and what ever you do -do not eat HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP) Read your ingredients labels! ELIMINATING FAST FOOD (anyone with acne should run scre
  5. Heres my story: I had been suffering with acne until I discovered that Pantothenic Acid worked if I megadosed it daily. I was taking 3-6 grams per day and it worked to clear a good 90% of it up. But after years of that I developed some sort of Bvitamin imbalance and started getting dizzy and having panic attacks and even got gout in my foot. Those symptoms went away right when I quit the pantothenic acid, but My face started breaking out again. Over the past 3 weeks I experimented with s
  6. I think I am going to try neem oil and capsules and tumeric capsules along with my sugar elimination and dairy and wheat gluten reduction and see if that shows any improvement. Hopefully something will work !
  7. I know that megadosing pantothenic acid with help clear you up , but it can have weird side effects later... I was seeing mild results at 3 grams per day and serious results at 5-6 grams per day. there is some risk long term but it you are desperate..... I uesd the country life brand found at whole foods and found it to work best
  8. nope, it doesnt work when you take it in a balance of other B vitamins, only by itself, but thats why eventually I developed weird problems. . .
  9. I am wondering if, considering that the pantothenic acid worked, if there is anything else that could work in a similar way but with out the lame side effects. I know that my diet has to be a big factor here but just not quite sure what to add / eliminate SO FAR To combat the new breakout I have done the following: Reduced dairy but not completely. Greatly eliminated sugars taking zinc supplement epsom salt mask - works to dry the acne out a bit topical Apple Cider Vinegar - seemed to work at
  10. Hello, Im new on here and looking for any insight on this: About 4 years ago I discovered that by taking 4-6 grams of Pantothenic Acid (B5) a day I was able to greatly reduce my acne. In the past 6 months I had a few health problems that I linked to megadosing this vitamin. I started getting panic attacks , anxiety, and dizzy, and ignored those symptoms until I developed a painful condition of gout in my left foot! ouch. After reducing and stopping the Pantothenic Acid the symptoms went away