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  1. Day 77 Still have active acne. Depressed. Feeling hopeless
  2. Day 70! Hey guys, I took a five day break from this site. Anyways todayy my face is looking amazing!! The majority of my acne is getting OWNED by accutane! I have just a couple active pimples and the rest is just red marks, no bumps on the surface!! YAY! Looking to see some even better progress by the end of month 3
  3. Time is going by very slow indeed! Good luck with your course also!
  4. Hahaha thank you!! I shall try this Dr. Dans chapstick!
  5. Im gonna take your advice and try and balance it out and good luck with your surgery!
  6. Day 65 Hello! Today I had my appointment for my dermatologist !!!! I was so pumped lol. I love to hear what he has to say about my face haha. So he was looking at my blood tests, and he asks have you missed any pills? I haven't missed one pill ever.. He then says your blood test are good..wayy too goood.. loll After that he looks at my face and says he expected to see less acne, more improvement. He says I still have active acne but things should be a lot better by the end of this month! O a
  7. Day 64 Today I bummed it out all day again... lol. I like to bum it out on weekends because I feel that I don't wanna see anyone and that my face is healing better lol. My friends think different of me now they keep asking why I am "hibernating". Do you guys think it is good to "hibernate" or should I just go chill with me friends? Anyways my skin seems to be great today, it looks like my acne is starting to DIE down!
  8. Hey man, thanks for the info it makes a lot of sense. I wish the best to you on your Accutane journey !! Remember ALWAYS have chap stick with you! Be goood, Mike
  9. Yea it is very odd loll and I hope we both get cleared too !! Good luck to you!
  10. Day 63 Todayy was good, just chilled in the house all day, bummed it out loll. My skin seems to be doing better. O I have a question to everyone; When I wake up in the morning my skin looks like its not alivee, sortaa dead like not awake, basically no color. Later in the evening my skins glowss like no other it looks ALIVE and colorr/tone. I want that to happen in the morning, why is that??
  11. Thank you guys and thanks on the eyes compliment hahah I fixed my profile picture now, thanks!
  12. Can anyone see if my profile picture is working??!
  13. Best of luck to you too! Looks like were around the same time on our Accutane experience!
  14. Thank you very much! Hey! just wanted to wish you all the best with you course. i'm certain accutane will kick your acnes butt. j x
  15. Day 62 Today was another day of school, for some reason today I didn't really feel that self conscious I don't know why I even had to take senior pictures today lol. Anyways my skin is a little red, kinda itchy. My lips were preety chap today because I forgot to put Vaseline on last night. Vaseline on your lips right before to sleep is probably the best thing you can do for your lips. I feel my skin is making progress but very slow progress.