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    Research and application of Esthetics, cosmetics, and fashion. Blogger, [email protected] marywandera.tumblr.com [email protected] www.marywandera.wordpress.com.
  1. Tretinoin .0375% or .05% pm year round and finacea gel/2%hydroquinone alternating every 4 mos. Increase dose% after u feel it's not working. Exp. 4% hydroquinone/20% azelaic gel. I like this option because I can increase the dose yearly vs switching drugs right and left...my face isn't an experiment. My skin looks immaculate. The hydroQ gets the scars and the azelaic acid maintains the results...Once u stop the hq, most people complain of skin getting darker again...that's why I alternate. Goo
  2. How about condoms and the vcf sterile film. Sigh* birth control ruined my life. Yes I had the clearest skin of my life. But it ruined my digestive system, my self esteem, my friendships (due to mood swings), my relationship with my dad (he contributed but I was a psycho needless to say), it almost destroyed and obliterated my 5 yr relationship. Think really hard what ur doing to urself...are constant yeast infections worth it? Is BV worth it and frequent trips to the gyno to get on antibiotics
  3. I'm on the same recommendation by my dermatologist(s). Except it's recommended that finacea is applied am only. Tretinoin at night. Try this first. I rotate between finacea 4 mos. 2% hydroquinone 4 mos. Tretinoin .05% yr round. What cleanser and moisturizer are u using?
  4. Lubriderm is the only moisturizer that does not break me out. My absolute favorite was neutrogena multivitamin lotion but it was discontinued years ago. I have bought so many moisturizers and the original lubriderm, the one with blue and the word moisture. Is the best one. Not greasy, moisturizing, makes my skin smooth as a babies butt. This plus t.n witch hazel found in the pharmacy area not in the skin care aisle. Is how i keep my skin clear. Witch hazel does a wonder on cysts. They disappear
  5. Ms. Mary

    A miracle.

    A miracle.

    This is the only thing that has ever gotten rid of my cystic, and hormonal chin acne. The only thing is im so impatient about the scars. People have come up to me asking me what do I use on my face. Its sooo smooth and i have to literally write it down. At the mall, at college, in restaurants..I am so used to people staring at my face now because I am beautiful, seeing me for me not my disease. THIS stuff is a miracle. I use it to remove my makeup, and in the morning as a base for my makeup that
  6. Peppermints purpose is to open your pores...its recommended to use it before you wash your face....so that all the oils and dirt come out of your face.. I personally love peppermint oil..i react to everything and my skin is sooo smooth. I use 3 drops of peppermint oil in a small bowl of water..and add 2 tsps of aloevera juice to dilute it. Hope that helps, i wouldnt take it in supplements.. Its too strong. peppermint oil also helps lower testosterone levels...the MAJOR(initial) problem in cyst