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  1. You basically read my mind! I run 5-8 milles at least 5 times/week. I sweat a good bit when I run that far, even inside. My sweat must have been transporting the BP on my face and I would get these horrid-looking red, painful patches under my eyes. Gently rinsing your face before exercise will help, but like you, I'm never sure what to do after. Do I wash/apply BP/apply moisturizer again? Then I would be doing it 3 times/day! If possible, maybe you can exercise in the morning before you w
  2. LL85

    KAVI's support forums - they are incredibly responsive and helpful Have to order online, the soap isn't extremely expensive ($18 for 3 bars) but all of their other products are!, also it just didn't work for me I have mild to moderate acne that is very persistent, I have been battling it for about 10 years now. I decided to try something new so I ordered this soap because I thought their logic made a lot of sense. Within days of using it, my skin became worse than it has ever been - I got 5 ve