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    Very light weight feel A little goes a long way Great moisturiser on bare skin Balls up over Benzac A/C and Pan Oxyl Acne Gel No good for regimen users treating with the above BP's:( So rated a 2 for this reason.
  1. I am currently using Benzac A/C Water Based Acne Gel 2.5% and previously Pan Oxyl 2.5 Acne Gel. I am on my 5th brand of moisturiser, an expensive tube of La Roche-Posay (Toleriane, Soothing Protective Skincare), which by itself is a fantastic, light, non greasy moisturiser, but on top of BP, ball ball ball Yes I am waiting well over 15 mins to apply, I try to barely rub it in to minimise balls. I can barely apply a powder foundation on top of my skin let alone the concealer I need. ALL the mois
  2. Since this post I have been using Benzac A/C in my regimen , I have had some breakouts and was wondering if the Pan Oxyl was better, I started to spot treat with Pan Oxyl after Benzac treatment, what I've discovered is that Pan Oxyl will take a zit down quicker but only due to the increased drying/pealing effect, which really is not practical for the whole face. So Benzac A/C for the whole face within the regimen and spot treat zits with Pan Oxyl to dry them out faster I am still having major p
  3. I use Benzac AC 2.5 BP and can recommend it over Pan Oxyl 2.5, both are available over the counter
  4. Hi, I'm new to the regimen also so I'm no seasoned expert, but instead of having to wash your face an extra time if it gets oily a great idea is the oil blotter papers, you can buy them all over the place, you just hold it to the oily patch and it takes the oil right off I've been on the regimen 2 weeks now and my face is starting to get oily again so i use the papers, there only small so u can carry them around also. Also u might wanna try a different moisturiser, I am in a whole trial and err
  5. Sh0

    Jojoba Seed oil as second main ingredient. Moisturises well for the beginning of The Regimen when your face is very dry/flaky, after that it feels a little oily. A little goes quite far. Pricey $20 for 50ml/1.7OZ I didn't have a moisturiser when I started The Regimen so I used my hubbys. I was happy with the results initially as my face was sooo dry and it did help but as my face got used to the BP it started to feel a bit oily for my skin, I still like it and Jojoba oil being a main ingre
  6. Time on The Regimen:- 1 Week I've been suffering badly with the bright red, flaky face and super stingyness from BP application (Pan Oxyl 2.5 BP Gel) but it has been doing the job, already my cystic acne has reduced in size, blackheads much diminished. Went to get more today, didn't have, so I bought Benzac A/C 2.5 BP Gel, it's all the same stuff right?? Or is it? On applying the Benzac it felt as if I was applying moisturiser, the stinging that did eventually start was so mild compared to th
  7. I've always been a fan of their 'Translucent Corrector for Pores' and 'Smoothing base for pores' which really does what they say it does, buuuuuuut since starting The Regimen I know I won't be able to use it, as to cover the pores (and ice pick scars that I have) it actually fills them in, which is ok when you're gonna use a scrub to wash your face, but a Regimen type cleanser is not gonna get it out, plus anything that actually fills in pores, even temporarily is not gonna be recommended. I ha
  8. I am searching for a good moisturiser and am in the 1st week of The Regimen, I decided to try my hubby's one 'Clinique Maximum Hydrator for Men' . Has anyone tried it? It struck me as good initially as it contains none of the 'bad' ingredients and the 2nd ingredient listed is 'Jojoba Seed Oil' but the 4th is Shea Butter which apparently isn't so good, it felt nice going on but I've only used it this morning so any more info would be great Just for info the listed ingredients are:- Water/Aqua/E
  9. Hmm it's difficult to say when it's such early days for us, I was actually gonna swap my PanOxyl for the Benzac AC and see if that was better. I've found that the burning has subsided slightly but I'm having to avoid areas on my face like nose creases and above top lip, also my face is a mass of flakes I do think the key is in the moisturising, I have just ordered some pure Jojoba oil and can't wait for it too arrive! I also swapped my moisturizer to Aloe Vera gel, I don't know if it's the best
  10. I didn't want to miss another bp application so I have searched the boards and replaced my moisturiser this morning with Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel, Ooooooooh the relief! I am going to have to do some trying out of other bp brands and moisturizers, I can't continue with this beet red burning face
  11. Thx Kole Jojoba oil is definitely on the shopping list Celloislove I hadn't thought about a better moisturiser, I'm using up some free samples I've accumulated as I've never used moisturiser before! It's an expensive brand so I assumed it would be good but maybe not, thx for the thought, not sure I can get CeraVe here but it's on my list incase I find it
  12. Hello fellow sufferers, why have I waited untill I was 32 to do this I don't know but I am now on day 3 of the regimen, I'm using PanOxyl 2.5 Acnegel , first application not so bad, evening of day 3 and my face feels ravaged and even the thought of applying more BP is painful Should I try out different brands even though they claim to be the same thing or is this s'thing I will just have to deal with? I feel a lotion variety would be kinder but that seems to be a no no for this regimen? An