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Very light weight feel A little goes a long way Great moisturiser on bare skin Balls up over Benzac A/C and Pan Oxyl Acne Gel No good for regimen users treating with the above BP's:( So rated a 2 for this reason.

By Sh0,

Jojoba Seed oil as second main ingredient. Moisturises well for the beginning of The Regimen when your face is very dry/flaky, after that it feels a little oily. A little goes quite far. Pricey $20 for 50ml/1.7OZ I didn't have a moisturiser when I started The Regimen so I used my hubbys. I was happy with the results initially as my face was sooo dry and it did help but as my face got used to the BP it started to feel a bit oily for my skin, I still like it and Jojoba oil being a main ingre

By Sh0,