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  1. Thanks for the kind words franny, I am sorry, but do you mind saying what exatly is it that you go through everyday ? I have seen and "talked" to many girls that have an imperfect face, and I was attracted to them despite that. Do you have a certain talent? If you do that is a big confident booster. In the very beginning, this bothered me so much when someone would tell me this. They thought I was good looking like I was tall, had a good build, broad shoulders and such, but they tell me if
  2. hey xylem, do people tell u or comment about your face? Most likely people will not, but you think they are always judging you for your scars. In a way that is self centered because you are always thinking everything is about you. I am the person that started this post, so you already see how severe my scarring is. I have learned that my scars do not define my personality. If you really can express your personality despite your looks that confidence offset your imperfect skin. I knew I wou
  3. I do notice that; I watch alot of asian dramas, and man not even girls, the guys in their have like perfect skin. But they take care of their skin since they were little and they eat right, they eat way healthier than us in America haha. Everything they eat benefits their skin in some way. They eat something called "bird's nest soup" its supposedly really good for your skin, and they eat that every day. When I went to Hong Kong for vacation a few years ago, I really didn't notice that anyone
  4. Hello everyone, I just received my first pearl fractional laser treatment today. I was really looking forward to this laser treatment for so long. Because I was between skin types 3 to 4, I was not elgible for CO2 or fraxel laser of any sort. They were too scared of me having hypo/hyperpigmentation issues. This pearl fractional targets water under our skin instead of melatonin which gives color to our skin. Anyways enough of the boring facts haha, I took alot of pictures because "pictures
  5. hey @yvonne, when I first beginning reading your first post, I was thinking maybe you had like really bad acne or the scarring. You look great though. Why are you so insecure ? You know many girls wish they had the body you had ? Many girls even with perfect skin don't even look as good as you. I am being honest here, I know everyone judges from first appearance, you judge even though you think you don't. Many girls do not have the breast size even close to yours, I think I will have to s
  6. hey everyone, @franny, let me tell you something. I've met some attractive girls and the only thing that attracts me to them is basically their looks, most of them lack a real personality and they are just so FAKE. Their personality is just so ugly, it is such a waste when I think about it, but that is just a way to make everything fair and equal. I've met this one girl she doesn't have acne scarring but she is just still a 4/10, I am not a shallow guy but all my friends agreed that she is a
  7. hey THX, that is very true. Our imperfect skin, does make us more self conscious and at the same time more self centered. We think we are the one to be pitied because we have imperfect skin. We think everyone sees our selves as disgusting or ugly. But in reality, you are the one that feels ugly of your self. I've seen some post of people thinking so negative of themselves and their acne scarring is NOT even nearly as bad as mine. Your acne scarring is the least of your worries then, you la
  8. Hello, I haven't been a member on this forum for so long, but my name is Tommy. Hi everyone hehe, I noticed that NO ONE likes to post pictures of themselves on a post or anything. I also noticed that people that "think" they have really bad acne scars, is actually mediocre and close to nothing. I have made a post, and I posted my pictures. I consider myself to have close to severe acne. I see alot of people with such a negative outlook in life because of their scars. You feel that people
  9. Aww I wish I went on here, before I did the juvederm. I should have done subcision first before filler. The pearl fractional targets water not melatonin, so they said it won't cause hyper/hypopigmentation. This is the only laser that I am a candidate for; I know im stubborn but this is my only opportunity for this laser treatment because they only have this machine for one day only because they want to know if it is worth it for them to buy it. No one around my area has this new cutera pear
  10. hello, I was planning to do the pearl fractional, and I have pretty moderate level of acne scarring. Is there anyway you can post your before and after pictures so I can see to what extent my improvement can possibly be ? The dermatologist I'm about to go to is really confident that pearl fractional will help me significantly; she said I should see a 50-70%. I don't want to get my hopes up so I will aim for half of that.
  11. I have done juvederm, but I did not get the subscision before it. My dermatologist said that fillers are also only temporary so it would last at most 1 year. So laser won't do any help? I only know one person on this forum that did the pearl fraxel, but I didn't see any recent pictures I just saw pictures during it. I would like some more input on this, please help
  12. Thanks for everyone's reply, the chemical peels helped alot actually, my face was horrible back then. It is still bad now, but not nearly as bad. I have done fillers, juvederm and such. It had no effect. It was not cheap either, I don't want to waste money on treatments that don't do anything. I was not elgible for any lasers because of my skin type is too dark. Pearl fractional really is the only laser I am elgible for. I want to at least try it out, if anything it will make some improve
  13. I have heard of subscision, but I don't know anyone around my area that does subscision. Does anyone here know about doing pearl fractional for acne scarring. For the scars that I have ? Please help my acne scars have tortured me enough, I want to be able to look at the mirror and not have doubts about myself.
  14. Hello everyone, My name is Tommy. I didn't know about this forum until recently. I feel like I finally have the confidence to post some pictures because I feel I am not alone here. I am not the only person that suffers from acne scarring. I consider myself to have severe acne. Of course the acne scars make me feel so insecure about myself. I have done countless chemical peels and microdermabrasion, but they haven't really had an effect on my scarring. I have had scarring for so long now