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  1. I tried some tray and gels... Tasted nasty, took 30 mins and for 7 days... didn't work. I forget what brand it was but it was basically trays that already had the gel in it and you put them on your upper/lower teeth. It might have been from Crest since thats the only brand I trust with whitening of my teeth. I'm thinking of trying the 3D whitening toothpaste and mouth wash... if that works then maybe i'll add in the strips. Though I would get the strips that have enamel protection because the
  2. Thanks for more replies! As for my water intake, all I drink is water. I always have a big glass of water on my desk at all times and if its ever empty, I refill it right away. Thanks Omi for telling me things I should Avoid and Nessa for explaining why using SPF on your lips is better than none at all. I'll try drinking more water and see if that helps more.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies (: I'll be looking at these brands/products when I go out shopping next since I need to also buy new Acne products as well. I'll probably test some and see what works well for my tastes.
  4. When I was younger I didn't need even one swipe of chapstick/lip conditioner, whatever you like to call it, on my lips. One day, it would seem, I put some on and years later here I am... applying chapstick every chance I get when my lips don't feel moist or they feel chapped. I don't want to be carrying around chapstick with me all the time anymore and I really hate having chapped lips more than anything. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on: 1. What ingredients to avoid. 2. What to look