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  1. yup. I went and did the water only regime for about a month, and thats when the itchiest was at its worst then I found out about demodex, it made sense to me, and I tried the creams from demodexsolutions.com. They REALLY helped to eliminate the itchiness on my face. I do still get itchy when I get a spot (theres this guy on my chin that keeps itching! I dont scratch but its mildly annoying). Really research the connection to demodex and acne.
  2. hello! No matter what you are doing your best, and that is good enough Do you get itching with your acne? If so, there is a theory out there that acne might be caused by mites. The website demodexsolutions.com explains it more. I hate to feel like an advert, but its the stuff I am using right now and I like the results. I do go through almost clear cycles and then more cysts, but the nearly clear times keep me motivated to keep using the creams. There's this area on my cheek that w
  3. you tube is my new favorite acne resource. You get to see the results of people's clear faces of the skin care they are touting to you! I love this one I am picking up the things she mentions asap.
  4. yeah... i have had periods in my life where I cut out dairy and gluten, and had really clear skin. I also had an eating disorder.....so time to eat everything again. Recently, though, I have cut out dairy, mostly from bad stomache aches (acidy, painful things that would last half the day). My body feels much better now. My skin? still a mess. but getting better. I am putting hope in wearing no makeup (make skin feel gross anyways), in using oatmeal, lemon, sugar scrub masks, and ZZ cream.
  5. sometimes i want to punch acne in the face...but then i remember that the acne is on MY face and I reconsider ha
  6. great information here, thank you thank you thank you! I have definitely gone through the restrictive diet changes and felt horrible -- not worth it to me. I need to let my body eat, while my skin heals, thanks. And I am recently recovering from a bout of too much tea tree -- so I can relate to your post on too many essential oils. Using %100 tea tree oil will not clear up acne faster -- but make your face burn : / right now I am playing with oatmeal as a cleanser in the morning, s
  7. when i went 100% raw my bone density was borderline osteoporitic and i lost tons of iron. I became sick. The literature on raw food is kind of cult-y and scary, to say the least. Its also wrong, cause it caused me health issues, obviously.
  8. so, you recommend just a cleanser, with no acne treatmet products? did you stop breaking out in big pimples? also i have been wondering....just to prove this theory right...what if someone started using acne products on a place that doesnt normally break out...like on their arm...to see if the acne products are really irritating the skin and causing the acne....maybe Ill try it i dunno.
  9. this is really inspiring! I am going to try the do nothing regime again (maybe some sea buckthorn oil to moisturise...nothing serious), but try it for longer. And i will probably use makeup : / I know, chemicals, but I will use almond oil to wash it off at the end. I have zero confidence if i dont use makeup....so I am going o wear it!. Plus there are plenty of people who use makeup and have nooo acne... and thats what I want! i have tried doing nothing before, but it was for a month, an
  10. okay so i have been trying out this diet for three days now....and I just want a freaking muffin! My skin does feel a little bit better.... but man is this diet difficult! i just want to eat macaroni and cheese : / what should I do?
  11. you seem so happy! I have avoided trying to change my diet, because I thought that I would have no social life -- I had this vision of someone just cooking food 24/7. But your pictures prove otherwise. But what foods are allowed? Can you write a list of the foods that you do eat? thanks! Katy
  12. aw i remember using Mario Badescu and really liking the results...i guess that i was impatient and then started jumping around to murad, or made-at-home treatments. I remember the whitening mask would just leave my skin feeling....beautiful it can be so overwhelming shopping for those products in-store, though....there are just so many of them! I remember going to a store and there was an entire wall dedicated to badescu cleansers and the like. you have inspired me to try mario badescu aga
  13. I actually flat out asked my friend the other day, "I just put on tea tree oil, does it smell bad?" And shes like "You can only smell it if you are right next to your face (she leaned in, IN A PURELY PLATONIC WAYY) and it doesnt smell bad." And after putting on too much tto my roomates are like "hmm, what is that nice smell?" I guess that it can be overwhelming when its on my skin, next to my nose : / The brand is Tea Tree Therapy. It was a mid-price tto, but i shall try a different bran
  14. eh, not really. but something similar is using oil.. I use oil as a moisturiser, and when I apply my bare minerals, it creates this amazing coverage and really melts into my skin. Now, i dont think that I have the right shade so i look quite pale and sickly..but I am too lazy to go to sephora I also heard that Pur Minerals is great for the wet technique. And better prices than Bare MInerals. Totally buying that stuff next... its so sad that NARS broke you out. Seems like such a high qua
  15. I tried the dieting thing and my skin responded well, but I had an eating disorder while trying to cut out dairy/gluten/sugar. I have acne now, and I think of trying to go back on the diet from time to time. Sometimes I try, and then just eat pizza the next day. I actually feel better when I eat the pizza. The so called "unhealthy" food. Its like, if i crave it, I eat it. I am going to trust my body with this whole food thing. Its much better to eat a slice of pizza with a friend than t