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  1. Mostly headaches, nausea are the immediate side effects. Sounds like you are doing fine without having these. Long term you can build up a resistance to the antibiotic or possibly develop a form of acne that is resistant to antibiotics. Like all medications there are always a host of "possible" side effects and the antibiotics will not "cure" acne. That being said... Antibiotics helped my daughter is her teenage years and are helping my son manage his. Best of luck to you. I hope
  2. CarolinaMom

    -Improved skin condition -Lasts a long time -Rinses off well - No residue -Very good product support -Purchase online only I bought this soap for my son after reading the reviews on this website. He responded well when he used the Proactiv Refining Mask as a spot treatment so I thought a sulfur based soap may work as well. The soap also contains Salicylic Acid which his dermatologist recommended he use in a cleanser. The results were very good. Within a couple of wee
  3. Thank you! I'll try to keep up this thread updated periodically.
  4. I am aware of the risks with taking antibotics to treat acne. I guess time will tell whether or not he will be affected long term. When he began to wear hooded sweatshirts to school to cover his face last year, we had to weigh the good with the bad. The emotional side effects are so devastating for teens who are suffering with acne and I wish there were more options out there to help them cope. My daughter took antibotics until she "grew" out of it without the side effects and I'm hoping my
  5. I would say his acne is very mild at this point. His normal breakouts (only one or two pimples a week) are usually on day 5 or 6 after his peel. (Even then they are relatively small (pimples) compared to where he was a year ago (cysts.) Last week, he had no new pimples - a great week for a growing teenager. His scaring is gradually fading but I think that will take a while for some of the red ones to go away completely. There are some pitted scars that may not go away at all. We'll have to
  6. According to Paula Begoun's http://www.cosmetics...ient-dictionary the BHA peels contain both methylisothiazolinone & menthol which is a no no for skin care. I was thinking of ordering it myself but now I'm not so sure anymore. Did it really help your son and did he complain about having sensitive skin after he used it? I have seen this list and it is a very extensive list. The one thing I've learned by reading the posts on this web site is that everyone's skin/condition is different and w
  7. It has been a long time since my last post but I felt like I needed to update this thread... After two or three months of the Differin / Doxy regime, my son's acne began to get worse again. It was not as severe as it was in the beginning but still bad enough that it bothered him. The dermatologist began to discuss putting him on Accutane. After reading the material and talking with his friends, he wasn't ready to do that so we moved on to the next dermatologist for a second opinion. He c
  8. It's really hard to be patient when you aren't sure whether or not a regimine is working. (Been there!) I hope you start seeing some improvement soon. Keeping a log is helpful. Sometimes the improvement is so gradual that it is hard to remember where you started. With a log you can look back and remind yourself how far you've come. Best of luck to you! Let us know how you are doing.
  9. It took almost two months before my son started to see some real improvement. His derm said it would take 6-8 weeks before we could evaluate whether or not it was working. There were days when I seriously considered taking him to see another doctor - especially that first month! I would say the second and third month was when we really started noticing a difference. I've been keeping a log on this message board and Summerfalls also has one that may help. Best of luck!
  10. I really didn't think we would see the results that we have had so far. It's been about 10wks since my son started the doxy/differin/peel regimen and I am amazed at the difference it has made. It took a while but the breakouts are not nearly as frequent. (Maybe 1 or 2 per week) His skin is healing and the redness is going away. He is so much happier. He has been cutting back on the doxy like the derm asked him to do when we were there a couple of weeks ago. (He's taking two every other
  11. We went back to see the derm yesterday. His skin is looking really good. Still has the redness where the acne was but the dr. was very satisfied with what she saw yesterday. My son is much happier too! She wants him to cut back on the Doxy to one a day. She was also concerned about the BP causing dryness with the winter months approaching so we may need to cut back on that as well. He had more extractions and a chemical peel while we were there yesterday. Keeping the pores open seems to
  12. He started using the Differin in late July and started Doxycycline about the first of October. I wouldn't say the Differin made a huge difference in fact his skin was definitely worse by the time he started his antibiotics in October. (Which is probably why the doctor prescribed them.) He is still using the Differin at night. His skin is definitely much better now. Yes - I would say it is a major improvement. He still has breakouts but doesn't get the large cysts he was getting (which wer
  13. My son has been taking 100mg of doxycycline twice a day since the first of October. Based on his experience, it takes a while but he has seen a definite improvement. He doesn't have the large cysts that he had at the end of the summer. The breakouts are not as severe and seem to heal quicker. We noticed some definite improvement after the first month but his derm has told us 6-8 weeks is usually a good time frame to determine what the results are going to be. That's the frustrating part s
  14. No... I would say it is not normal. My son sees a dermatologist on a regular basis and while he has not had an injection, it is an option we have discussed with his doctor. Maybe you've reached a receptionist (or two) who are not the most informed.
  15. Only one new breakout in last 3 days... Maybe the extraction/peels are helping along with the doxy 100mg twice a day and differin. His current regime... AM - Wash with Clinique Mild Facial Cleanser Benzol Peroxide 2.5% Pad DML Moisturizer Doxy 100mg PM - Wash with Clinique Mild Facial Cleanser Benzol Peroxide 2.5% Pad Differin DML Moisturizer Doxy 100mg Every two or three days: Proactiv Refining Mask (Sulfur 6%) Still has redness whe