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  1. I am not going to suicide of course. I shouldn't have mentioned that but that was how I felt before. I have seen my family doctor and a derm. Nothing helped, any topicals I have used either was too harsh for my skin or just did not nothing. I have tried taking medication but that didn't do anything either plus it was getting expensive because it's $100 for about 60 pills. I have been on birth control pills for close to four years now and that doesn't help with my acne at all. I guess it looks
  2. It doesn't look as bad as you make it sound. Listen to your parents if that's what they insist about you not seeing a derm. My parents are the complete opposite. I am on the same boat as you for trying everything but nothing seems to work. Only time will cure it. Try not to use so many products as well. I know my advice is crappy but just wanted to let you know that it honestly doesn't look that bad. I've seen worse.
  3. This is my first time opening up about my issue with acne. I have always bottled it up inside because the people around me never suffered from acne. They don't understand how I feel. I decided to turn to you guys because you probably understand. I am twenty years old and I have suffered from acne since I was eleven. It was bad and still is although I do admit it probably did get a bit better. Ever since I started getting acne, I feel like I have zero self esteem. Friends, strangers, boyfriend,