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  1. Been a little less than 2 months since being off accutane. No pimples on the face. Have gotten one or two pimples on chest and back, here and there, but nothing crazy. Clear for the most part. and its pretty AMAZING. Only thing thats creeping up is the oil. My forehead gets pretty oily by the end of the day. I shower and wash my face at the same time at night before sleep. When I wake up i rinse face with water a little and thats it, end of the day I get moderately oily on the forehead. Not
  2. DAY 124 SO! just took my last pill today. I skipped one pill a few days ago, so that's kind of why my days of off. Everything has been good. Feel like I've been drier than usual. My eyes are dry most of the time. When i put moisturizer on my skin, it kind of stings a little. Weird, but I like it. I don't want to be oily anymore. Anyways, no break outs. Got one pimple on my back a few days ago, but it went away quick. I'm just worried about these scars on my back. It's unsightly. I'll pose
  3. DAY 106 Just want to add. No new break outs, anywhere. Also, been pushing my limits by touching my face a lot more than i usually ever do. I used to not dare touch my face. But now I'm seeing if I break out if I do... And I have not gotten any breakouts, even after touching my face with dirty hands every so often. Bowels are totally normal. I realized it was because of this bread I was eating that had fiber in it. And I was eating it every day with peanut butter. I realized I'd get weird bo
  4. Day 96 So 5 days since wisdom teeth came out. No complications so far. Only took one accutane pill on the day of surgery, I'm sure that didn't make too much of a difference. But I'm back to my normal dose. So back and face haven't been breaking out. Now my chest has stopped too! I just got these left over marks that I'm praying to heal. I have noticed though, on the 4 days I was off accutane, those red marks from left over pimples on my face were less prominent. But now that I'm back at it
  5. DAY 91 (4 days off accutane) I must say that my bowels have felt much more normal since being off accutane these past couple days. I took my first pill since yesterday (just one) to kind of ease my body back into it (this was an independent choice). I noticed I had mucus in my stool towards the end of the day and in the morning today. I experienced this the first day or two at the very beginning of my journey as well. At the time i didn't think much of it, because it went away. I took one pill
  6. DAY 85 So I had diarrhea (i think its due to the food i ate the night before--bad mexican food) the same day I was meeting my derm today. So he just told me to skip a few days of accutane until it goes away. I haven't had any diarrhea since. Plus he said its oaky to skip a few days it wont have any effect. I do have another concern, which I've been researching here on the boards. So I'm suppose to get my wisdom teeth removed in the next week. The thing is, unlike most people my wisdom teeth h
  7. DAY 80 Just a quick update. Bowels seem to be fine for the most part. Seems like sometimes they get weird, but for the most part they seem fine. As for acne. No new pimples... I hope I don't jinx myself by saying that. But I really haven't had any. I just have these left over scars that are really not seeming to go away. Same goes for my back--no pimples but lots of scars. It's just covered in red scars. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THESE GO AWAY? because it still looks like i have acne when i don't
  8. Day 70? I don't know... I think I'm okay. I was freaking out for some reason. Over analyzing the situation i guess. I think my bowel movements are fine. Yea... hopefully. But starting to get some back pain now. Hard to sleep cause I can never get in a good position
  9. Dang you only way 110Ibs? O_O hey mitch, any update on your stomach issues? what have your bowels been like?
  10. I've been drinking a lot of water. Like enough to be peeing every hour at least once (or more)... pee is clear too. if i see its getting yellow, i'll drink more water. that's good to know though, i didn't know that would happen... Yea but i dunno i'm kinda of scared, cause i feel like things are kind of "tighter" back there, so to speak. eeeek
  11. DAY 68 I don't know if I'm freaking myself out. I'm maybe i'm making myself worry about my bowel movements. It's not that i'm constipated or bleeding or anything, or diarrhea . It's just that it seems a little different. I think one way to describe it is that it doesn't come out as wide as it usually does, OR think it does. I mean i don't know, frequency is a little different, but today i went like 3 times, each time was an average amount. The color is not dark, and its not hard or anything. I'
  12. Hell yea, good job with the marathon! that's great to hear. Keep it up! It's nice to heard there are a few people on the same boat as me... I do drink, but very limited. I'll have a beer every so often, or wine. but i'd never get buzzed or drunk... I'm scared to try! I don't want to ruin anything when I'm a month and a half away till finishing my course.
  13. DAY 65 Just want to update and say, I kind of jinxed myself about saying I haven't got a pimple in a really long time. I got another one on my forehead and another on my upper cheek. But these have been clearing a lot faster than the other ones were. So hurray for that. I just want these scars/red marks to fade already! they make me loook like i have pimples when I don't. My shoulders are like 95% clear now! never thought i'd see the day. My back has like maybe 5 pimples, all in the upper a
  14. DAY 60 (2 months!) So I went to the derm yesterday to show him this lump. I was right, it was my lymph node. He wasn't too concerned, he checked my scalp to see if there is an infection. But my coincidence, the day i called him, the lump shrunk a bit. So I think it's getting better. Anyways, everything is okay with that, probably had something to do with all the dandruff, switched shampoos (again), and it seems to be getting better. As for what's more important--ACNE: My face is kind of the
  15. hey man, your back is looking good, kind of like mine right now. your chest has gotten a lot better too. your inquiry about being on 80mg for so long... I'm on 80 too, and I don't think i'll be on it for 6 months, probably 4. don't take my word for it, but how i see it is, if you're not getting any bad side effects like joint problems and whatever, then there isn't much of a problem with that. I don't know... Anyways, I wish you the best.