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  1. hi. i just started using biafine myself these past couple days. i had a big pimple a week ago that has left a nice red mark (and still slightly raised a bit but going down everyday). its looking like it could scar a bit but my concern right now is getting the redness to go away. ive heard good things about biafine. can i ask how you apply it though? i had been putting on a "blob" on the mark and letting it soak in maybe 3-5 times per day. is that ok? you said just twice a day so that makes me wo
  2. you should drink it immediately. if you have to, no more than 24 hours in the refrigerator usually.
  3. Just thought I'd pass this along. I found it earlier in the week on amazon and noticed some great reviews and figured I'd give it a shot. Its loaded with lots of good, natural ingredients. In just a matter of a few days its already starting to help with some red marks and dryness. I'll continue to use and see what happens, but again just wanted to share... http://www.amazon.com/Manuka-Honey-Oil-Skin-Cream/dp/B001DBC8K0 Ingredients Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Juice, Cocos
  4. i always laugh at how they test stuff like this on mice. have you ever seen a mouse with bad acne? how much would people still love Mickey Mouse if he was covered in zits?
  5. so just to also add to this, the bump is not "huge", and I guess you could say it has gone down slightly since saturday. However its large enough that its noticeable and unable to hide with concealer. My other thought on why there is still a bump is that I also tried popping it on saturday. I gave it a few good squeezes after holding a hot compress on it in the hopes it would pop but nothing happened. So my thought is maybe my failed popping attempt is part of the reasoning it has a slight bump
  6. thanks! From experience I'm nearly 100% confident this will never come to a head. Usually you can tell by the way it looks or feels if thats gonna happen and since its been over 3 days and still nothing, I don't think it will happen. I definitely don't wanna go sticking it with a needle. That just sounds like I'd be asking for a bigger mess right? I've tried the mint julep thing before too but I'm afraid that at this stage it might just dry it out to the point of being very irritated ok, that
  7. So I've had this big pimple on my cheek since Friday. I guess I'd consider it a cyst since it has never come to a head, but its also never had any pain and hasn't felt like a typical cyst. The size of it has not gone down though in 3 days despite everything I've thrown at it. And all I've seem to have done is make the skin around it red and irritated. Last night I decided to not put anything on it and this morning a layer of skin peeled off the top of it. I know this is not a wise move, but it c
  8. interesting. despite all my googling I actually never saw that. I appreciate you sending. I do agree that some of the things they claim it to help with seem far fetched, but it is still interesting that so many people have claimed to have seen benefits from it. who knows. i personally am not all that sold on it either so i guess i will give up on it
  9. it was? Everything I've read has sounded positive. I haven't seen anything disproving it. Can you elaborate or send some information? Anybody else??
  10. Appreciate the response, but I have lived all over and had acne in each of those locations. I've changed my diet, and still had acne. I've been to derms, and still gotten acne. Hence the frustration. How did you test your water?
  11. you do not need all of those vitamins, especially if you eat the right foods. I've found most multi-vitamins to be no good, and you definitely don't want anything with iodine in it. Zinc and niacin are good though. Coconut milk is tasty, but very fatty. You wouldn't want to drink this all the time. Just drink water Don't over think it. It's like Michael Pollan says - "eat food, not too much, mostly plants" (if you haven't read some of his books, they are great and provide some additional
  12. I've read lots of posts on here and other websites regarding Emu Oil, but there are not all that many regarding whether its worked or not. So I am curious, for those that have used this, have you used it on active pimples or just red marks? And have you seen results? If so, how long? This seems like a great, natural, sensitive alternative to things like BP or SA but I would love to hear some real results from real people (not from the companies that are selling this stuff) Thanks1
  13. This whole acne industry is shady (including dermatologists). There is medicine and cures available for all sorts of illnesses and diseases yet for something like acne there is nothing. Yes, there are countless antibiotics a doctor might prescribe and yes there are countless over the counter products, but anybody that knows anything about this disease knows that the majority of these don't work, don't last, or can actually make things worse. Yes, I'm aware that for some these things have actuall
  14. I love this thread. I do believe there is a link between what you put in your body and acne. And even if there isn't, eating well has endless benefits to overall health so there is no harm. I highly recommend a documentary called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" to everyone. It's related to his whole juice idea and the benefits of it. It's actually a pretty good movie too and I guarantee it will inspire you to change the way you eat
  15. Hi - has anybody ever used cortizone10 or another cortisone cream to help bring down the size and redness of a pimple? I have read mixed reviews. I don't plan on using this as a long term solution (i know there are long term dangers of cortisone cream) but am looking for a quick fix hopefully. Just curious if anybody else had any luck with this? If not, what are some other quick fix ideas? I have a huge red ugly mark on my cheek. Typically in this area BP just makes it worse so I'm trying to