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  1. also salicylic conclear never works to "heal" blemishes, i would stay from that stuff. its overly advertised, and salicylic seems to make my skin worse.
  2. they say anything you put on your skin can worsen acne.. non-comodogenic or not. honestly, if i didnt wear makeup, i probably wouldnt be able to look people in the eyes, and i would just obsess about how they see everything. the makeup just gives me some confidence, like i dont feel naked. plus from a distance you dont look red. if you have the guts to do it, go for it though! letting your skin breathe is important.
  3. LOL mayebelline should give up on their foundation. even pale shades oxidizes later on and just looks.. scary. orange makeup is fairly common in drug stores, i have looked like an oompa loompa many times accidently. D: dont go to party city, im sure whatever orange paste they give you break you out, but if you look at kylon makeup (sold online) they have special theatrical stuff. good luck! and deff use a primer, your pores will thank you.
  4. I had the same problem, and mineral makeup especially gets dry after you've already left the house. D: I've been using estee lauder double wear foundation, and it's looked nice an dewey (but not shiny) get a couple samples at Macy's and see if you like it. It's non-comodogenic and safe for acne prone skin, plus the coverage is great. Other than that, look at liquid type stuff, and just use a little powder to set the makeup,
  5. I'd say it took 2-3 weeks for me to see some visible results. I hope it started working for you too!
  6. Makeup with SPF is not the same, you need an extremely heavy amount to actually be 'protected' with just mineral powder or any foundation.
  7. Use bareminerals, or some sort of mineral makeup. Personally, I have a makeup by maybelline called "24 hour makeup". It's really great coverage, and the concealer is great. I hate drug store makeup, because I'm always afraid it will clog my pores, but this one is oil free and I have no problems really. If you get the chance, wash your makeup off in the bathroom than re-apply just in case. I completely understand where your coming from, it's a nightmare I have yet to face, for me to be makeup-le