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  1. I just made a post about "SHEA TERRA ROSE HIP BLACK FACE WASH" post is called 26 AMAZING RESULTS...READ this I have done everything you mentioned in your post.....A friend told me about it and I thought I would try, they shipped it to Canada and am thrilled! Again I have not been on this site in a year but think this is so awesome I had to activate my account again.
  2. I have not been on this site for over a year however had to login and let everyone know about my new find! I have used EVERYTHING to try and fight my acne at age 26.... Accutane Proactive Every "Pill" out there Fish oils, Zincs, Primrose etc... you name it Spironolactone Obagi, plus every other cleanser, oil cleanser etc Clarisonic Microdermabrasion Tanda blue light therapy Every Benzoyl, lotion and potion that the derm thought I needed Basically you name it, I have done it probably twice ....
  3. Lou2


    I have used EVERYTHING and I mean everything. I bought a Tanda about two months ago and my skin is more clear now than it has been in a year. I use it EVERYDAY for the first month morning and night but now just at night. It is the only thing that has cleared my skin. Friend just bought one and is finding the same results.
  4. I use MAC's Pro Longwear and have not broken out... and EVERYTHING makes me break out.
  5. Just wanted to share for anyone interested, I just went for a facial at Merle Norman and picked up their "Luxiva Derma Peel". Now I have never used ANY Merle Norman products before but I noticed a difference in my skins texture/Tone after one use. I have also used the MD alpha peels from Sephora I found that I ended up with more acne than before, but try this out, wouldn't post if I didnt think it made a significant difference. Oh and my skin has lots of red spots/acne scars on my cheeks, ver
  6. Beezilla, do you know what happens when you stop taking Spiro? will the acne just come back? and did you ever notice hair shedding/loss?. Im on it now 50 mg ...and cant decided if I want to stick it out, i dont want to be on something forever....
  7. on and after, all it is doing is speeding up the growth cycle, of course because the new growth is short and prob fuzzy it seems like forever.
  8. Try Spironolactone, It is the only thing that has cleared up my skin and I have done EVERYTHING (including these antibiotics mentioned above) There are side effects, but you will have to decide what you are willing to deal with to have clear skin. Are you experiencing side effects? If so what are they? Also at what dosage are you taking? LOL YUP SORRY DIDNT READ THE FIRST SENTENCE YUP NOT for you
  9. I went and spoke to two pharmacists today, and they said that even if you experience hair loss it WILL grow back as long as there are not other things contributing to your hair loss. You should just go talk to the pharmacist... but here is my thing, once you stop taking this stuff in theory your acne will come back.... and I don’t want to take it the rest of my life. I am only taking 25mg right now and it seems to have cleared up a lot but it is only on week two. Geez if it's not one thing it
  10. I am currently on it but am a little scared now after reading the forums about hair loss, however when you go to “reviews” out of 700+ there are maybe 3 or so that actually mention a change in their head hair. I also went and talked to two pharmacists about it and both said that yes hair loss does happen but they have never experienced people who complained of having such bad hair loss they were going to stop taking it, or did not have pre-existing problems and/or other things contributing t
  11. Has anyone here taken spiro without having hair loss as a side effect???
  12. Hey Beatrice, I am also on spiro... and from what I have read it has somthing to do with speeding up the cycle of your hair growth, so it falls out and new hair grows...there is lots of forums on here about it, but can I just ask how much you are on? I am only taking 25mg and for the first week my skin cleared up sooooo much but now week two my skin has started breaking out, I am scared to continue on taking it or upping the dose because of everything I have read about hair loss.... OH man when
  13. Hey, I dont mean to discourage you but I did obagi a couple of years ago and like everything else I found as soon as I stopped using it my acne came back, actually it never really made it go away just more sensitive when I broke out. My face was so sore ,burning, dry etc. I do remember breaking out as you describe and I'm sure I have the scars I do from picking at it when it was in that state. Bottom line: It would be helpful if you were no longer getting acne to fade acne spots, discoloratio
  14. Hey, I know there are a lot of different opinions on this stuff but like you, I have tried EVERYTHING .....Accutane, Laser/Blu light, Antibiotics, every cream out there, microderms, acid peels and changed my diet (no dairy, meat or white grains) guess what didn't do anything HOWEVER I have just started taking Aldactone and this is the first time in FOREVER that I have not woken up with a zit. I started taking it a week ago and my skin has cleared up a lot. I have not had any side effects yet a