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  1. Are you waiting for the BP to dry before you put the AHA on your face? If I put the AHA on too soon, it burns a bit.
  2. Oh, and when I looked at it in my hand with my glasses on, you can see little itty bitty white flecks in it.
  3. The regimen stresses being gentle, so it just seems weird to be rubbing grainy BP on my face while trying not to irritate my skin. I guess I will just deal with it, if I start breaking out I'll contact somebody about an exchange. Thanks
  4. I bought the starter kit back at the end of the summer, and by the time I got fully through the tube of BP I was clear (YAY). So I ordered the big-size (pump-version) of the BP and I got it yesterday. Since using it though, I've noticed that it's "grainy". It feels like it has sand in it or something. I can't see anything in it, but I can feel it between my fingers and on my face. Any ideas? What is this? Did they recently change the formula or something? It's still better than the pasty Neutr