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  1. more than 3months now, but these days still break out, even not that too much, but there is ! 2days b4, big one on my forehead, today seems healed,with marks of course. the worse thing is my left cheek, always flushed and let the marks visible,both cheeks some white head stay long time already, seems not easy to gone, not sure will disappear or not.......... dry always, lips and face, but for me, i didn't feel side effect from long time....strange! that's all!
  2. its true that when you take ROA, try to do something else let your mind dont think about it ,then the days past so fast! you cant imagine! Since my last post tilll now, more than 1month already, as during these days, i am prepare to have another interview, that's why alll my mind dont care about how many days i take, its became a habbit that everyday after the breakfast must take medicine! ok, actually my acne is moderate, so its going on like most the similar girls' situation, around the 3, 4
  3. oh, more than one week i didn't update yet, not because my face became better,then i forget the blog, it cause i had much work these days, so no time to update my recentl situation even get experience from here.haha bad news........... the face not that good like one week ago, now seems have breakout, one active pimple on my left cheek, there is a lot small one with red color cover half my cheek, actually the one on my right cheek just healed but left red marks two days b4, and now turned
  4. Since i changed to Decutan from Roaccutane( this because the diffferrent derm gave me different one ,not i wanted), i am not feeling any change on my face, maybe the Decutan is useless who knows? today is flaky on my two cheek, even i put on hydrated face mask last night, no active one today, the ones which under my chin heeling a little, but still inflamed with sore. the whole face is looks gross, as i gained 3kg till today. I decided when my next appointment , i would ask my derm to chan
  5. thanks for your suggestion, actually i didnt take any other medicine when i start the ROA, also no birth control pills, so i believe that from ROA, i dont want quit, i think really should do some exercise as you said, i want keep my weight and acne free at the same time! What do you think , if i finish the whole course, my weight will lose automaticlly, like other side effects will go away after some time?
  6. i really dont know, i gain a lot of weight recently cause what? first, i didn't eat a lot, almost time i didn't have dinner except weekend( Fri & Sat ), even i eat sometime, friut or cookies for my dinner, i keep this habit 2years now, nothing changed a lot, but since i start the Roaccutane, till today is 37days, i gained 3kg, oh, my god! is anybody experienced the same like me? if really cause the ROA, i dont know i should stop take it or not? but my face is really cleared a lot
  7. the big change is texture of my face become more soft, not like b4 what i talked about like sand paper in previous blogs. still break out ,maybe i have period now, but seems the next day healing a lot, the worst thing is red marks remain now between my eyebrow there is active one with painful. my forhead is 90% cleared! since i changed to Decutan from Roaccutane, today is the 3rd day, yesterday i noticed my nose a little oily, so strange, b4 when i took Roaccutane, after have dry skin, i
  8. Almost one week not posting, as there is a lot of things to do. today i just start the Decutan, hope everything remain the same, no bad effects happen! Back to my face, there is some change of course, but not that much. you can say today when i washed my face, much smoother than 2weeks b4, no active pimple only a lot of small white head, can be touched only, cant see from the surface. my strawberry nose much better, as i picked up last SAT, is peeling a lot this morning! last week , a l
  9. thanks a lot, my dear, i do had a great weekend, but only have a doubt when last SAT i went to see my derm, she gave to me another different medicine( i mentioned in a new posting by today),i knew that you start after me somedays, did u go to see derm? why i did not find your blog?
  10. thanks a lot, my dear, i do had a great weekend, but only have a doubt when last SAT i went to see my derm, she gave to me another different medicine( i mentioned in a new posting by today),i knew that you start after me somedays, did u go to see derm? why i did not find your blog?
  11. Last Sat i went to derm as appointment, unforturnately he is in vacation, will be back after 1week, i couldnt wait, so another derm checked for me, after 2mins, is done, she gave to me the next 3weeks'dosage, but its different with ROACCUTANE(which my 1st derm gave to me) this one named DECUTAN, i was told its same effect with ROACCUTANE, only different company, but till now, i am still wondering for the final result, it mean i will take 2 different medicine for my long journey? actually the DE
  12. Big apologize to my lovely friend who read my blog and put comments, i am so sorry about my delay reply, as maybe when i am dreaming, i made a seting which should be approve with others comments( i swear, i didn't notice that , also doubt whether i made the setting or ghost, ha ha )here i should give big thanks to Look'n-Up , if you are not telling me this, guess till i finish with 6months and cant find out yet. ha ha ha ha anyway, i changed it already, hopeful. later i will received more....
  13. Sorry for my late reply, as i have some problem with others put comments since i start the blog, which i should approve( i didnt notice till today, so stupid, also is somebody write for me )thanks for reading my blog.yes, with paitent, we will make it ! come on ! how come you write chinese?
  14. happy birthday to my lovely mama! I finished my 18 days with ROA, the big change for me is the not oily at all for the whole day, whole day, omg, i never image that b4, its quite good for me, but another problem is dry, around my mouth, peeling a lot, 2days b4 i had breakout like rash, but i noticed that healing today, not stay long time. the worst thing is my face like garbage, like sand paper, tons of whitehead and blackhead, small pimples up and down, i dont wanna touch it at all, but n
  15. I feel so bad about my face now, dry dry dry lips, itchy, itchy, itchy more and more small pimples and some cysts coming , red marks full of my face, i dont know is this the breakout or these days i eat a lot of spices............ when i wash my face, the texture is more rough and dry, is hard to move my hand.....what is this? if continute like this, one day my face really will get clear and smoother? ? i dont know ........................ as it seems the new skin of my lips instead of the