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  1. So its almost 2 months since i stopped taking Isoraic. I have only had 2 actives in that time. My eyes are back to normal and so is my skin. Not dry anymore, and lips are fine too. My hair and skin is a bit greasier than it was when i was on the med. I actually liked my hair being less greasy. but its not as bad as it was before i went on the med. So my skin is good but i have so much hyper pigmentation on my cheeks from the old spots. so im still layering on makeup. and wondering how long it w
  2. speranza

    exactly 4 months

    So its been 4 months today. I was on 30 mg from Dec. 17th til Feb 18th. Now im at 40 mg for 20 days. Then she will have me decrease the dosage to take me off it. I dont have any actives (which started just a few weeks ago, before I was still have break outs). My skin isnt as dry but my lips are horrible. Big flakes come off at a time and sometimes bleed and its just bad. So annoying. My eyes are constantly irritated and Ive had quite a few people ask me if everything is okay, cause it looks l
  3. speranza

    Accutane Pics

    Journey thru Accutane
  4. Your skin will get pretty dry on Accutane (ive been on it for a little over 2 months now) and so you have to apply moisturizer morning and night. I use Cetaphil Moisturizer and this one called Sebium Moisturizer (but prob not available in the US). In the morning I use Arbonnes Makeup Primer which helps to even the skin out and even fill in the open or cracked areas. THen I use Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer for the spots. After Pur Mineral Powder, which is awesome. It covers up the red and rea
  5. speranza

    Day 70

    So Im just over two months and still having break outs. Not as bad as the past two months but not what I hoped for two months in. The derm upped my dosage to 30 mgs a day. My skin is still dry and if I try to peel problem areas, too much skin comes away and leaves the area raw and aching. I have to be careful, but its hard when your skin looks so flaky. I have noticed some joints aching at random times. Mostly my knees, I had surgery on the right one a couple years ago and it sometimes bot
  6. speranza


    Hey everyone! I just found this website a couple days ago and have been back everyday! I soon will be starting Accutane if my blood work goes good and have been anxious about it and this site has been awesome to read what others have to say and hear of their results. So I decided to start my own blog of taking Accutane since maybe I can help someone down the road with the same issues. Before I dive into my zitty past: after reading others blogs I just wanted to break free from this control th
  7. speranza

    Still waiting

    So everything takes 3 times longer to get done in Italy, so im still waiting for my blood results. And I dont have internet anymore so havent been able to blog. Anyways im hoping to get the results Mon and go to the derm Tues. 'magari' (hopefully) she will give me the prescription. Shes mentioned she wants to start me on 10 mg but i think thats too low. Im 62 kilos like 135 lbs. so think i can handle more. Has anyone started on 10 mg? From most blogs ive read the minimum has been 20.
  8. speranza


    So I started Isotretin (the Italian medicine is called Isoriac) on Nov. 6th 2010. My derm is very cautious and says that Americans are too aggressive with medicine so she put me on 10mg for 20 days then 15 mgs (alternating betweeen 10mg and 20mg) for another 20 days. I tried to get her to start with 20 mg but she refused. Ive read that lower doses have a higher chance acne of coming back, so not too excited about that. I will try to up the dose each month. I celebrated by getting a Kebab (lik
  9. speranza

    Day 9 - messy!

    So I was hoping to avoid an IB with a 10mg dose,,but I think im def getting it. I have these clusters of whiteheads on both corners of my lips. On my right side there is like a cysts with 4 white heads on it. It hurts so bad, and ive had it for like 3 days..and the heads keep coming back. Left side has 2, and hurts too!THey dont wanna go away. I swear they have their own pulse they hurt so bad. I feel hideous too, they are not easy to hide. On a positive note, where im not breaking out the ski
  10. speranza

    Bloody Nose! Day 19

    SO...as I was getting ready in the bathroom, my nose just started gushing blood. Wasnt really expecting that on 10 mg. It stopped after a bit...but man, i cannot remember the last time i got a bloody nose. Skin wise, i have a couple under the skin cysts on each side of my cheeks, and they hurt a bit. And last week I kept getting new pustules each day, but this week a bit less. The blackheads on my nose have like all come to the surface and are very noticeable. They never used to be this noticea
  11. speranza

    Day 38

    So the first month has passed and I am still having break outs. Large under the skin ones that hurt but dont seem to want to come to the surface. Still clusters on my cheeks. And the old ones dont wanna go away. So in regards to less break outs there has not been a positive improvement. On the other hand I am less oily and that is great news. I dont need to blot my face everytime I go to the bathroom. And my hair is also less oily. I used to have to take a shower every day if I wanted to not l
  12. Hey I started on 10 mg also so I thought I would be lucky and avoid an IB and any neg side affects. But about 2 weeks in I got a bloody nose and 3 weeks in got dry lips and drier skin. Now im at 38 days and still have save break outs and dry skin. So even tho its a low dose, its still doing its thing!
  13. this is interesting. Let us know how it goes!
  14. All bad effects so far. I got a bloody nose yesterday. Lips are a bit dry but not horrible. Still breaking out on side of cheeks, and other areas. My blackheads on my nose are more noticeable than before. I have about 6 actives right now and like 3 other under the skin cysts. not looking that great. Tomorrow I start 15 mg (switching 20mg and 10 mg pills) Maybe that will start some positive changes! I had a nice round red one on the tip ofmy nose a few days ago. (it was great to join in the rein
  15. I checked out your blog. You look good! Im glad it worked for you and hope it doesnt come back.